RHONY: Legacy

I’m glad it’s finally announced! Hopefully they can start filming and hopefully it goes well. I can’t say I’m excited, but I’m glad the wait and uncertainty is over. I just hope for the sake of the RHONY brand that it works out.
Not "Proud Zionist" Lizzy Savetsky. This is gonna be a mess.

I'll give it a chance like every new Housewives show but it'll take a miracle to get the fans onboard.
Yeah…not to mention she literally just test filmed for Real Housewives of Dallas. That just screams desperate that she’s moved to another city to get on.

But I’m going to keep an open mind. This is going to be a hard sell bc RHONY is so loved. It worries me they’re so young but hopefully all is well!

Worst case scenario it doesn’t work and we still have Legacy.
This reopened a wound and I’m grieving original RHONY hard tonight. I know it’s been discussed to death but in hindsight, it’s insane to me that this even happened after just one dud (albeit, disastrous) season. It seems a bit silly in retrospect. The show obviously needed a long break but they should’ve kept a few of the older women (Luann, Sonja, Dorinda), brought back Jill, and introduced 3-4 new women and kept it moving.

This does look cute though but it should’ve just been Real Girlfriends of New York City.