RHONY: Legacy

They went into this treating it as a consolation prize, and that's what it feels like. Like they're throwing a bone to the fans and the women... as long as the bone isn't too expensive! At this point they'd be better off doing an UGT: RHONY series. Give us two 8-episode seasons each year with slightly rotating casts (keep Dorinda, Lu, Sonja and Jill as the main girls each season with 2 others rotating). It'd be easier to get certain cast members to return if they know it's for a limited filming schedule.

Season 1: Hawaii (filmed late Spring)


Season 2: Berkshires (filmed in early December)


Season 3 (filmed at a ski lodge in Aspen)


This is actually a brilliant idea.
I'm 11 minutes into the first episode of Bethenny Ever After/Bethenny Getting Married and I'm already crying. She's obviously literally evil in her 2023 form but her snidey 2010 self is one of the most hilarious characters ever on reality TV - and she's somehow better on her own?

The geeky curly haired boy walking into her apartment to be interviewed 'and then Napoleon Dynamite walks in here' is just sjskjshks.
I also noticed Queens of Bravo using "thee" in many of her posts now.. @1991 impact shoe-horning it in every nickname I murder!!!

If they opened registrations the forum would truly become The Real Housewives of Popjustice because our ratings (the thread views) don't lie!! Every gay and girl would be signing up to join.
I know Andy wants to beat Luann’s ass for speaking out of turn, but I love her for it. It’s obvious Bravo is trying to low ball them and normally they have the thread of their job to hold over them, but there are only so many people they can pull for a Legacy show, so they can’t really hold this against Luann.

I think how the series turns out will determine what will ultimately happen. I predict it’ll be mediocre and they’ll simply cut the cast in half and fill the other slots with people like Dorinda, Sonja and Luann and merge the two casts. If there’s no breakout stars, then they’ll just move forward with all of the vets.
The fact after RHUGT 2 they haven't been able to even nail down an OG cast for a two-week Reunion at Blue Stone...
Bravo are the fucking worst often.
If they opened registrations the forum would truly become The Real Housewives of Popjustice because our ratings (the thread views) don't lie!! Every gay and girl would be signing up to join.
Us vs the new girlies when registrations open
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The anonymous leaking to Page Six continues.
Now we hear that it wasn’t a unanimous decision on the part of the “Housewives.” Sources says that, for example, Bensimon was ready to sign, but a source close to her complained to Page Six that “[Zarin] pushing for a big payday was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

This part dd:
Medley was also ready to accept the terms and get the cameras rolling, we’re told. And sources say Morgan was barely paying attention to the whole affair.
The way they literally held back RHUGT S2 to re-edit it to make Dorinda seem more tolerable for a Legacy return only for everything to stall now is so funny.

I truly think it's just a waiting game. There are too many RHONY adjacent variables related to stuff that hasn't aired yet for Bravo to fairly assess the value of the OGs at this point. Will the reboot bomb? Will Sonja and Lu's spinoff be gold? Will Leah redeem herself on RHUGT S3?

Waiting also gives them a little more time to convince Tinsley to pretend to move back to New York again!
I will say, it is a really fun time to be a Housewives fan. In the last year there have been so many bizarre twists and turns across the franchise in terms of stories, castings, lawsuits, social media... It's wild, and I feel like there's no telling what's in store for us over the next year. Cheers girls!!