RHONY: Legacy

I'm really looking forward to seeing Kristen again, and I never thought I'd say that, but rewatching her first season she was actually a little vicious at times with Ramona. Also, her facial expression when Sonja did her Luann impression *I'm single!* hurls me off my couch.
Bethenny on the show is a great watch. She is the perfect counterpart to Ramona and Luann. 10 is her worst season but she still remains a gripping watch.

I don’t really engage with her social media other than a follow on instagram and yeah, she is deranged for the most part dd.
Without exaggeration, Bethenny is my favorite housewife of all time. She just gets it. Confrontational, genuinely hysterical at times, down for the chaos, vulnerable, "real", and also capable of wearing a producer hat. The only one who has ever been able to take on Dorinda and not crumble. A constant foil to Ramona, with complicated relationships with Luann, Jill, and Carole. Convenient and completely shallow relationship with Sonja. I am a massive season 5 and 6 stan, but the show was its absolute best with Bethenny in the mix.
Honestly it's because they both come from abusive households.

Did she, I'd never have known
Yes, they really froze her out didn't they? It's so obvious. Heather didn't really survive that series either, not after Bethenny arrived and reclaimed her position on the show as the successful entrepreneur of the group.
Heather is by far the most likeable and all-around good person on the cast (which doesn’t necessarily make her the best housewife). She’s funny, warm, knows how to argue without coming across as bitchy but… you are completely right. It’s fascinating to see how the dynamics changed as soon as Bethenny came back into the picture. I actually did not think that I missed her at all after she first departed in earlier seasons but now that she’s back, there’s no denying she’s the centre of the show (for better or worse). The cast in season 7 is so big, people were always going to fade into the background unless they were doing the absolute most.

Gagged that Pettifleur "2 drinks maximum!" Berenger somehow worked her way into this picture.

Regarding Bethenny, I think I concur with others in saying the intensity of her personality becomes grating in her latter years (and seems to have worsened in her podcasting era), but she is undoubtedly an essential and iconic member of the cast. The way that she orchestrated the drama at the end of Season 8 was some of the most masterful Housewifery in history.