RHONY: Legacy

Dorinda would make a superb Friend Of/Spectre, and we'll get a trip to Bluestone out of her... but Luann will wrestle an apple out of the producers before filming is even a quarter done,
Mark my words.

(I don't think Sonja is a fit at all anymore)
I think the OGs have too much ego to be a Friends Of to the newbies. Unless, they’re promising them bigger checks!
I see that @tyrabnks made it through RHONY. Did you survive the journey? Will you miss those terrible people? Do you consider yourself to be a Luann fan?
There is obviously some recency bias at play here but RHONY was by far my favourite Housewives franchise (I am up to date on all except for RHOC and RHOP). I have nothing but love for the core cast and would sacrifice my newborn for Dorinda (+Bluestone Manor), Luann & Sonja (and Writer Girl). This silly show never failed to cheer me up whenever I felt cranky or exhausted from work and I don’t think the golden era of RHONY will ever be outdone by any other show or TV cast.

Season 13 was indeed painful but I felt like I owed it to them to stick with it (though I don’t blame the general public for tuning out). I also find it incredible how I managed to turn a blind eye and excuse Ramona’s behaviour for 12 seasons because I found her entertaining and somehow likeable (?!) yet her final season was rotten beyond belief. She went from my favourite cast member to someone I was actively put off by.

I am glad I still have Crappie Lake to watch for when my withdrawal symptoms truly kick in.