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Rhythm Of Love: Kylie's Coming Of Age Record At 30

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by WhatKindOfKylie?, Nov 12, 2020.

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    1990. A new year, a new decade and above all, a new chapter for the career of Kyle Minogue. Having successfully turned soapstar to popstar for a new generation of pop fans at the end of the 80's, Kylie cannily knew that she couldn't count on the pre teens to keep her career in check forever. And so for the new decade, with Stock Aitken Waterman starting to lose their power on the charts, Kylie began to to arguably for the first time take the reigns of first her image and then artistry...

    Tears On My Pillow, may have just about been her first single release of the 1990's and topped the UK singles chart for a sole week in January. But, the true rebirth of a Kylie Minogue for the 1990's, was not until late April with the timeless classic and coming of age anthem that was, Better The Devil You Know. Inspired by Kylie's love of the club scene at the time, plus her own personal life (her dumping Jason Donnovan for Michael Hutchence and SAW worrying he would be a bad influence on her), this was the birth of "Sex Kylie" and her first true dancefloor anthem where the likes of Spinning Around, Get Outta My Way, Say Something and SO many more would follow in the decades to come. A #2 hit in the UK and #5 in her native Australia plus mostly top 20 elsewhere, Better The Devil You Know has not aged a day (like the great lady herself), and remains irresistible over 3 decades on.

    With Better The Devil You Know riding high in the charts, Kylie then used Summer 1990 to begin work on her 3rd studio album, that would see two firsts. These would be Kylie herself contributing lyrics of her own to the record and also working with other producers aside from
    Stock Aitken Waterman, notably early years Madonna alumni, Stephen Bray. However, it was still clear that singles wise, it would be the SAW team calling the shots with 3 truly classic follow up singles to Better The Devil You Know, that would eventually form the "Golden Quartet". Issued between the Autumn of 1990 and the late Spring of 1991, all showcased Kylie at her dance-pop best. First there was the Disco homage of Step Back In Time (UK #4), the Italio House influenced What Do I Have To Do (UK #6) and finally the slight R&B feel of Shocked, (UK #6) the later remixed to perfection by trendy early 90's producers DNA and given Kylie a record breaking 13 back to back UK top 10 hits in the process.

    Rhythm Of Love itself was released on the 12th November 1990. Compared to the chart topping multi platinum sales of her first two albums, it's UK #9 peak (especially towards the Xmas buying season) and much lower sales cert was a slight disappointment. However, it's reviews were ultimately her best yet and it's now regarded by many fans and critics alike to be the best Kylie album of the Hit Factory Years. And it's not hard to see why either. Kylie and the dancefloor go hand in hand. And as the release of Disco a near exactly 30 years on has proven, it's a home that she's never truly left-with this record being the one that put her firmly there in the first place. Happy 30th to it.
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  2. Top Of The Pops Promo:

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  3. Title Track:
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  4. It’s strange that she did promo for the title song more than once:

    Let’s not forget the single that should have been!

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  5. Such a bop!! Going for the original pre album version too I see!
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  6. Listening to this album on its 30th anniversary and it really is absolutely amazing.
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  7. Still remember the absolute palpitations I had the first time I heard 'What do I have to do'.
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  8. An absolute anthem.
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  9. Peak Kylie for me. In every way.

    Things Can Only Get Better is the non-single gem (that should have been a single). I recently bought the 2CD/DVD deluxe because it's one of my all-time favourite pop albums. The fact I even had to choose between this and Madonna's Immaculate Collection for my #1 at the time shows how far she'd come since 1988.
  10. I still think the fact it peaked at only #9 stinks.
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  11. I'm still bitter that North America was denied Kylie's best run of singles during the SAW era. Poor US. Poor Canada.
  12. One of the greatest popinjustices and a reflection of how out of favour she had fallen by the turn of 1990 but if she had kept on with the typical SAW fare we wouldn’t still be discussing her 30 years later. The short term losses in sales was worth it. Still she made year-end top 100 charts with three of the four singles.

    Surprised Dannii’s Love & Kisses made the 1991 top 100 when Shocked didn’t.
  13. I'm not sure if she'd carried on doing perky pop that would have done any better. Times were changing and everyone involved was wise to adapt.
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  14. It was partly caused by the release date....a new (pop) album in November back then was always a bit suicidal. Duran Duran made #16 one year with Notorious, and then even in 2005, Girls Aloud peaked at #11 with Chemistry because they put it out in November rather than September or even October. Whitney Houston's new album had peaked at #6 the week before, and she was coming off the back off her multi-platinum Whitney.
  15. Interesting that Whitney re-peaked in the new year at #4 yet Kylie didn’t get any bounce. I can’t imagine All The Man I Need succeeded in promoting its album better than What Do I Have To Do. Why didn’t Kylie do TOTP? Was she not promoting in early 91? I can’t remember the reason.
  16. She was on tour in Australia and apparently pre recorded TOTP but wore a CND top just as the Gulf war started. That's apparently the legend, whether it's true or not...
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  17. I love Secrets, such an upbeat rollicking pop song about infidelity! Not everyone can do that. I think of it as a kind of prequel to ‘Can’t Get You......’, the dark secret is still inside her.
  18. I hop one day for sure we can find out too. It wasn't like Kylie not to do Top Of The Pops after all post Neighbours.
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  19. Such a good album.

    This is how you do a third album and also move into a new decade and make it all work.
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