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Rian Johnson’s ‘Knives Out’

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Aidan, Oct 30, 2018.

  1. No!
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  2. SockMonkey

    SockMonkey Staff Member

    This was a solid 7.5 / 10. Thoroughly enjoyable, well made, acting all fine, but essentially a filmic episode of Columbo with nothing new except contemporary references and iPhones. It’s only afterwards I’m starting to realise how thinly sketched most of the characters were, almost to the point of...pointlessness in some cases.

    I’d forgotten about Daniel Craig’s eyes. Lord.
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  3. Uno


    I loved it. Daniel Craig and Ana de Armas were really great - as was Toni Collette (duh) for the bits she was in.

    Only complaint would be that I wish we were given more clues, as the audience. I like mysteries that I could try and figure out along with the detective.

    I thought that was a really great quirk to have. The main character in these sort of things is always a “good girl” who tells the truth anyway, so I thought it was cool to see her being forced to tell the truth. It also added an extra layer of fun when it’s revealed she’s the “killer” after the first 30min and you spend a lot of the film wondering how she’s going to get away with it without being able to lie. It’s a silly quirk but one that really worked for me.
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  4. While this wasn't as good as I hoped it was still really fun and well made. Some of the cast was wasted but Ana was a revelation. What a star making role. Also the last couple of images before the credits made me feel.....good. 8/10
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  5. The ending got a bit too twist-y, but it was a great movie regardless. Probably one of my favorites this year.
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  6. Someboy

    Someboy Staff Member

    It's... fine. It's fine. It's just, it should have - it's fine.
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  7. Just seen this. Best - and I cannot stress this enough - Picture.
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  8. Fabulous cast, who I thought were used well throughout (I’m sure someone said most were discarded after 30 minutes but... they just weren’t).

    The plot was lots of fun, but I don’t think the denouement was very interesting. Nothing really stood out to me in retrospect that wasn’t obvious, e.g.

    ”Maybe check your email!”

  9. [​IMG]
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  10. I enjoyed it. Fun, funny, and overly convoluted. I’m glad I saw it, but it’s far from the best films I’ve seen this year, and I doubt I’ll revisit it. I appreciate the sense of humor that pervaded the entire movie, but I do feel like a lot of the cast was wasted, giving the kill away so early took away most of the film’s stakes, and it seemed to tack on twist after uneventful twist towards the end for the sake of filling time.

    Regardless, this was everything Murder On The Orient Express wanted - and failed - to be.
  11. I thought it was great, silly fun. It wasn't groundbreaking but it did what it needed to do, and would probably be one of the better films of the year for me.
  12. The trailer made it seem like it was going to be high energy camp, and then it wasn't. Judging from that and the movie posters, I was expecting Clue 2019 with big splashes of colour and then they didn't really carry that into the movie beyond Jamie Lee. The score also sucked because I can't remember a single bit of it.

    Things I did like were the details of the night changing from each person's perspective. Like Richard acting like he was being welcoming by gesturing Marta to sit with the family when he was actually waving her over to be part of his racist rant. I also liked how even the apparent liberal members of the family went against their own values once the fortune was on the line. Walt said let all immigrants in, but then threatened to reveal Marta's mom's status, which he only knew about because Meg told everyone. Also the 'You know I wanted you to be at the funeral, but I got outvoted' bit.
  13. Uno


    And each person giving Marta a different ethnicity every time she was brought up.
  14. I was a bit disappointed when it wasn’t revealed that Marta had actually been the mastermind behind the entire plan and had orchestrated every single event to get away with it. I was expecting revisionism of her flashback to mixing up the medicine - I thought maybe be she had full on stabbed him to death but had also orchestrated the whole medicine thing as her excuse for when it eventually came out.
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  15. SockMonkey

    SockMonkey Staff Member

    Also a very subtle thing in that scene where he handed her his plate to take away in the middle of his rant.

    I guess the whole thing had political undertones, snapshots of the white middle and upper classes represented, but not really fleshed out. The moral being that money changes everything and everyone.

    Jane Wiedlin should have turned up as a singing telegram, just for shits n giggles.
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  16. Oh yes I liked this a lot more than I expected to! That's not how IV morphine works though.
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  17. Yeah this was fun but I think was a bit too excited to pull off a big twist that it just wasn’t quite fleshed out enough. With something like this I don’t want to leave the theater with a half dozen plot holes immediately coming to mind.
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  18. Chris Evans' white jumper was quite splendid too.
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  19. The movie was a big disappointing for me. In my opinion it reveals so much since the very beginning and it gets kinda boring and repetitive since it is very long. When the (obvious) plot twist arrived at the end I already didn't care about it. Its humor is also quite old-fashioned and outdated for me, didn't find anything funny at all. Ana de Armas is the best thing on here, I love her.
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  20. Ddd I could NOT stop about this when I watched it. Still a great movie though.
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