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Rian Johnson’s ‘Knives Out’

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Aidan, Oct 30, 2018.

  1. I loved this so much. Amazing comedy, amazing mystery and thriller aspects. The whole movie is like a masterclass in set-up and pay off.

    Isn't that like literally the point like it's a clue

    I'm curious why you think that? I think it did the exact opposite. You're pretty confident of what you're getting for the first 30 minutes and then the killer is revealed and you're like well fuck now I don't know what to expect and anything could happen, and then once the story starts to focus on Marta covering up the crime, the stakes are pretty high, no?

    It took the intrigue of mystery and blended it with the tension of suspense.

    And the way it all cycles back around to mystery in the end and climaxes with a classic gathering of suspects...

    Chef's kiss.
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  2. No because the supposedly medically trained professional seemed to believe the nonsense "ten minute rule" and the second time it was used was also not realistic.
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  3. Saw this last week and I really enjoyed it!
    Looking back, you can see the clues that are set early on, but I thought it took you on journey full of twists and turns.
    I thought the Marta character was played fantastically!


    The thing I mainly took away from it, was the sense of entitlement the rest of the family got when it was revealed that the fortune was going to Marta. I thought it portrayed really well, the greed of people, as well as the lengths people will go to to get what they think it rightfully theirs.
    What I was really intrigued about was right at the end, when the whole family stare up to the balcony to Marta, drinking out of the mug, about what happened to them. I'm ultimately glad that I guess they chose to leave it to the imagination of the viewer. I personally felt that the closing shot of her drinking from the mug with the My House, My Rules on it, showed that Marta was going to keep the house and fortune and cut them off. Obviously it up to interpretation
  4. This was amusing but lost steam in the second half. I hope we'll see more ensemble films as a result though.
  5. Seen this twice because I loved it so much the first time & wanted to see the clues. Easily my favourite film of the year, tied with Midsommar.
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  6. My favorite line in this movie belongs to Toni Collette's character:


    I almost screamed in the cinema.
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  7. R92


    This getting acclaim while the new Star Wars film tanks is just... *chefs kiss*

    Also, this movie has basically had me in knitwear 24/7 since I watched it.
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