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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by funkyg, Jun 16, 2016.

  1. Any appreciation for Rick Astley over here? After Kylie, he is one of the SAW alumni whom I have the most admiration for. Really excited for his new album "50" and the Official Chart Company is predicting a Top 10 debut, which would be a great comeback for him.
  2. Loved ricks first three albums. 50 is on my birthday list, looking forward to getting hold of it.

    Top 10 would be an amazing achievement, let's hope he can pull it off!
  3. He was on Loose Women yesterday and they told him he's at midweek number 1 but only a few copies in front of number two.

    He said he didn't even expect top twenty.
  4. Sometimes the thread you're looking for about a seasoned act is in the Pop & Justice subforum, which is good news because it means he is still active, and the young ones are interested.
    I like the title, I hope the ginger baritone will keep on singing for a long time.

    Rick Astley - Keep Singing
  5. Loved those first two albums and was delighted when they got reissued with all the mixes etc. Not sure the new material is for me but pleased for him that it's doing well.
  6. Haha, the album is really called '50'? Hopefully the title is the only thing that's inspired by Adele!

    Some of his songs are brilliant.
  7. ''50'' has made it to number 1 in this week's UK album chart-29 years after his last UK number 1 album!
  8. Well done ! :)
  9. Watch out, Drake.
  10. Neck and neck chart fight between Rick Astley and Tom Odell until Wednesday. Rick's label put the price down to £5.99 on Amazon, and that was it. The hateful Sun ran a piece cheering Rick on as well.
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  11. Never Gonna Give You Up, Never Gonna Price You Down.
  12. So good, well done Rick!
  13. Still fuckable. Is the album any good?
  14. Ray


    I can't believe this is number one. How. When I saw the title I thought it's a greatest hits (i.e. a one-track "Never Gonna Give You Up") but it's a new album. How does Rick bloody Astley top the UK chart with a new record in 2016 is beyond me.
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  15. Isn't it great? I mean I've never really cared for him but I'm glad a veteran "has-been" artist can pull it off these days. Here's hoping for a Top10 entry for Kim Wilde in the autumn, hee!
  16. This is me - Rick was one of the few PWL acts I never really liked but still happy for him getting a #1 album nearly 30 years after his last one.

    I'm here for the Mandy Smith revival next!
  17. Easy: good promo plus he appeals to an older audience who are more likely to buy than stream - 15000 sales on a quiet week will grab you a #1. Watch him plunge next week.

    That said - good on him.
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  18. I don't think it's a big surprise.

    Rick seems to have come back into the pop culture consciousness with the whole "Rick-rolled" phenomenon and "Never Gonna Give You Up" is still a favourite retro song. Plus, he still looks and sounds great. I think a comeback for him has been in the cards for awhile now. I agree he will probably plunge next week but it's nice to see him back.
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  19. I can't get over Rick Astley being #1, ABC being top 5 a fortnight ago and I went to see A-ha in concert a couple of months ago (and they released a new album last year). I feel like I've found a Tardis!
  20. Ray


    Poor Erasure.
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