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Ricki Lee

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Macanudo, Oct 17, 2011.

  1. Rob


    Sadly its probably more likely to get people to go. Has she any new music plans post-Unbothered?
  2. Given how Unbothered she seems about her music now, probs not.
  3. [​IMG]

    Just got a shout-out in her instagram stories. Queen of acknowledging the rabble!
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  4. What does she does for a living right now? I miss her Raining Diamonds days...
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  5. I think this is the most active thread for Ricki-Lee.

    Anyway she's is back with a new bop of a single called Last Night.

  6. This is her best song in nearly a half decade.
  7. I mean that's not too hard when the other songs releases are Not Too Late and Unbothered. The latter I loved for about 3 weeks when it came out. Then for another 2 weeks after a bad dating situation.
  8. The songs good, not one of her top tier tracks, but definitely an improvement and a step back in the right direction!

    A good beat and her vocals are killer. She also looks smoking hot in the lyric video too!

    I’m hoping there’s a remix where the beat drops and it really goes off at some point too!
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  9. "Unbothered" sounded very reminiscent of her "Hear No, See No, Speak No" era but this is a step back in the right direction.
    Hope it can be a hit for her.
  10. She’s number one on Australian iTunes, which I know means absolutely nothing these days - but still, ya love to see it!
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  11. Plus she is literally loving this moment on her instagram! Being number one, even on iTunes, hopefully will give the push she needs to release more music, more regularly!

    This girl could be huge if she had the right backing and the motivation! ‘Raining Diamonds’, ‘Do It Like That’ and the Fear and Freedom era was incredible from start to finish!
  12. They need to quit playing and send this girl to Eurovision for Australia already.
  13. Literally form a band with her, Samantha Jade, Delta Goodrem, Vanessa Amorosi and Jessica Mauboy and Eurovision victory would be there’s for the taking!
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  14. it might just be her turn in the cycle.
    Aussie Pop girls seem to have "moments every few years.
    Jess had her latest last year with "Little Things" and the album.
    Sam made an impact with "Bounce last year.
    Delta got a lot of good will from her song for the bushfires but The Voice seems divisive to her image.
    Ricki has been away for a hot minute and came back with a sound that people want from her so hopefully she can keep the momentum because Delta has new material out and Sammi has some coming.
    She was absolutely stoked with the iTunes #1 and you can't help but want more for her.
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  15. She deserves success would definitely love to see her do Eurovision
  16. Ricki-Lee still hasn't really grabbed me music-wise since Fear and Freedom (one of my most favourite albums of all time) but I'll always support her, and Last Night is a massive improvement from Unbothered.

    She didn't come to Perth on her last tour which was a shame, so it'd be great if she could get another tour under her belt when restrictions ease up. There's never been a better time for local acts to take advantage of international acts not being able to tour (hint hint Delta, Bardot, Jessica).
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  17. Still sitting at number one on iTunes!

    I know it’s not much, but if she can hold onto this for the entire week, that would be a huge achievement and give her career a serious boost!
  18. I live in Perth and was also bummed she didn’t cross over for her last tour.
    I think the last time I saw her on stage was when she was opening for Jason Derulo around 2015/16ish?

    Side note: love your avatar and hope Jojo also tours Australia once and for all!

  19. Happy 10 year anniversary to one of Ricki Lee’s best singles to date! An epic song that still slaps today, as well as providing us with a killer Fred Faulke remix!

    Do It Like That indeed, Ricki Lee and release an album of bangers just like this!
  20. We need a full on bop assault from her after "Dancing with the Stars"
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