Rihanna - 9th Album

I feel like Only Girl, Diamonds, Umbrella and Work are all inevitable.

I would love Where Have You Been to get its moment. Avril (old school guest every older viewer would know and with that nostalgia factor) popping in for Cheers would be iconic.
I know as soon as she breaks into Umbrella my entire body will disintegrate. It’s frightening that she’s gonna have to cut essential hits because she has so
many of them. She’s been absent for a while but she really is one of the most defining pop stars of our generation.
I really hope Wild Thoughts doesn't make it. If any big feature makes an appearance, it'll probably be the chorus of Love The Way You Lie. Eminem (hopefully) won't show up, but we can't ignore the magnitude of that song.
I... would be entirely fine if she gave Umbrella and especially Only Girl a rest. I feel like she's musically in another stage of her career.
She’s had a lot of hits since then, but Umbrella is still one of her most iconic songs. It’s currently her most popular song on Spotify. I don’t think it’s legal for her to do the Super Bowl without playing it.

That + We Found Love, Only Girl, & Work will for sure be there. I have a feeling she’ll probably include Needed Me in some capacity. Everything else is up in the air.
I want pyro. I want lasers. I want synchronised gyrating, pussy-patting dance breakdowns while she is flanked by an army of models as she debuts her new line of Fenty blunts by lighting up on stage (available soon in a Sephora near you). I want the fifteen minutes crammed so full there’s not a second to spare. I want the hits, I want the flops (justice for Kiss It Better!), I want the deepest deep cuts (justice for winning women!!). I want a stage free of heterosexual male energy (stay home Jay-Z, we don’t need you babe). This one is for the girls, gays and theys. I will accept nothing less. I am manifesting it.


I will accept literal crumbs.
all of this! ANd we NEED WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN.
We’re going to get Fourfiveseconds, Wild Thoughts and a 5 minute make up demonstration in the ultimate troll move.
She's going to hell if she lets even a guitar pluck of FourFiveSeconds sneak its way into the segue. But knowing our pop girls and my personal luck with stanning them, she'll probably dedicate a whole ass 3 minutes to performing that song.