Rihanna - 9th Album

It kind of just feels like it was nice to see Rihanna performing again, but it didn't feel like it was at the Superbowl.

If she is pregnant then ignore this comment, but like she was giving Blackpink levels of energy tonight. I know Ri is not known for dancing, but that was....

Love the red stage etc though.
I’m not watching but basically all I’m getting is “great pregnancy bump, beautiful pregnancy bump.”
It looked Squid Game-inspired and I was wondering if she was going to take off a fake belly at some point after faking out the audience with it. Her rubbing it gives the impression she’s pregnant. That platform was rocking. I was hoping it didn’t break on her or one of the dancers. Looked dangerous.
Ok…the set list was immaculate.
But….otherwise, this was very meh? Which I know is not shocking for Rih as a performer, but I guess I was hoping for more as her first performance in years.

I think this setup would have been fitting for someone who is more of a performing force, but for Rih, they could have done so much more production wise to keep things exciting.