Rihanna - 9th Album

The way she has constantly trolled her fans for the last 7 years , ducking and diving from questions about music only to come out here and announce a baby when we were all expecting an album or a tour is so on brand.

It’s like the ultimate way to shut us up about music.

Yep. I'm definitely over it. No one was waiting for another pregnancy announcement.
Maturing is being able to admit that Katy's lean setlist and distinct staging for each song with the best (actual) surprise guest anyone could muster is probably the best halftime show behind Madonna and maybe Shakira.
Don't set my mother up.
She's a cute alternate to legends Bey & Madonna. But hers did age pretty well and is the most creative performance.
Lazy performance, I fear! She obviously hates her fans and her music and will only do makeup from now on! I can't believe she prioritized her pregnancy over doing elaborate choreo to SOS! She didn't even wear a diamond during Diamonds, I fear! Why didn't she bring out Eminem? Missed opportunity not to drive in singing Shut Up and Drive! Lock the thread and burn your Fenty beauty products!
Shakira/JLo, Beyonce, Madonna, Katy, Gaga, Britney and Mary J. Blige's minute long stints in someone else's sets, the football game itself, men, and then Rihanna.
All the girls have been great in different ways. Even Rihanna will be remembered for the stage and the bops.

I revisit Madonna and Jennifer Lopez the most.
so.. no new single performance? smh

Just saw she's pregnant again. I'll hit up this thread end of 2025 when she'll actually [maybe] release a new LP. nothing is going to come until then.