Rihanna - 9th Album

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My expectations were already in the red after the whole Depp debacle, but she managed to go even lower.


You can always count on me being the weirdo who finds obscure video's, but I love stuff like this:

Pour it up sapped the energy from the performance and should have been replaced. Thankfully All of the Lights and Run this Town remain bangers for the ages and regained the momentum.
The fact you've had to go "b... b... but Katy" says enough
This may come as a surprise but I wasn't the one who brought her up, there was such robust Katy discourse that her stans, to the extent that they exist in 2023, had to try and gaslight people into thinking she was good. That said, I guess being the low bar for a pop girl bad halftime show is an achievement in itself.
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I watched it and halfway through I decided to catch up on this thread and see some creative drags and that was more entertaining. It's a nice setlist / mix and her discography is one of the bests. But this? Meh.
The staging was spectacular but the lack of variety in the lighting and the costumes kinda ruined the whole thing.

The setlist placements were kind of all over the place also. Run This Town would have made a killer opener and doing We Found Love so early was a choice.

The amazing finale saved the performance
Agree that the production, dancers and camera work were all excellent. My biggest gripe is that We Found Love, one of the best pop songs ever, was just slotted in - it should have been a huge, euphoric moment.
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