Rihanna - 9th Album

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At this point anybody in 2023 expecting more than the bare minimum from Rihanna regarding anything even vaguely related to her former life as a pop star played themselves.

That said yes it was bad. It really wouldn’t have killed someone in her camp to make her record more than one take of the pre-recorded vocals because girl why are you lipping to bum notes? It certainly wasn’t to maintain the illusion when the mic was only at your lips about 50% of the time nn.
Also after Gaga and Shakira/JLo finishing off on such high notes, I'm so bothered by that final frame consisting of her taking off the in-ears...

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Honestly? Fitting!

A reverse


That was incredibly boring. They had one stage gimmick, one outfit, no energy (I get it, she's pregnant so that makes sense) and absolutely no climax or anything that really sold the number.
Only everyone that hasn't seen the ANTI tour call this a gimmick. It's old!

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I enjoyed it. It felt like no time had passed. Rihanna still giving us nothing dd. But I thought it was good, really enjoyed the staging and musical aspect. Where Have You Been is firmly lodged back in my head.
Where Have You Been / Only Girl / We Found Love being as lifeless as they were was a crime. I get that was largely because she was tied to that pole for safety but she literally gave us nothing.


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Well, I liked it. I’m glad I read the live reactions in the thread in the middle of the night before watching this morning because my expectations were through the floor and I was pleasantly surprised that it was a confident display of Rihanna’s back catalogue, no guests, cool staging. All these points of comparison… Rihanna is not going to give a Katy, a Beyoncé, a Madonna, a J-Lo/Shakira show… and actually, all of those shows featured multiple featured artists and segues into different stages which ate into the performance time; so while I get the frustrations, Rihanna did give us a more focused set. Rihanna’s a vibe!
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