Rihanna - 9th Album

I mean, if she was some sort of lowkey forgotten icon from the past that HAD to make bank, I'd understand the hesitation of dropping music and not making any profit, but she's... a billionaire. With one of the biggest make-up lines around right now and God knows how many other ventures because I stopped caring. She could easily drop an album and announce a short "20-dates" tour and it would be a massive sell out for her.

It hits me much more as the fear of not going up from ANTI and just having a billion of other priorities in the meanwhile. Ironically, it really feels like an "artsy-fartsy" moment of "I'm an artist and You'll hear it when I believe in it!" because if it was Rihanna Entrepreneur, I'm sure they would have found a way to back up the $$ just like Samsung. Hell, they'd be giving away lipsticks for every album sold on her website.

Edit: and the Smurfs movie won't come out until 2025?? lol. At least her kids will be old enough to recognize it.
Walked into a store while S.O.S. was playing, and whew! I could not help myself from singing along. What a banger.