Rihanna - 9th Album

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The most annoying thing with fame and stardom is that artists get so full of themselves and forget who made them a star. It's us, fans and consumers of music.
Do you believe Britney owes us new music?

I don't see why it's hard to accept that for many being a popstar was only a day job to pay the bills. It's ok if there's no passion involved, and it's ok if she worked her ass off (and we know she did) for the better part of a decade so she can settle into early retirement. She didn't pivot to pop and EDM in the late '00s out of genuine fondness for the genres, she did it to make the most $$$ possible out of that era.
The truth is the profits from making music no longer match the efforts required, and acts like Katy Perry already sold off the rights to their back catalogue. I don't see fans badgering Joni Mitchell or Sade for new music. Many pop stars were only active for 1 or 2 decades then retreated to a private life, and I have no problem with Rihanna doing that, especially when she's also raising her babies.

I'd rather her work on music if she's passionate about it than do it "because it's what the fans want". When you do things because other people want it it almost never turns out.
I have been to all her tours, and I noticed a significant difference at the Diamonds World Tour. Her breath control, her energy and stage presence for sure declined.

Then forward three years to the Anti Tour. I thought her voice quality improved. But at the show I attended, she did not sing one full song without stopping multiple times, or pointing the mic to the crowd.

Im surprised it’s not been discussed, but I genuinely feel there’s some vocal chord damage present.

Last night sort of confirmed that for me, her voice was very low, raspy and breathy. And overall poor, she cannot sing over a certain note now. It was incredibly disappointing for the fanbase last night, 8 years away and she’s declined even more.
I genuinely would be surprised if she ever releases another record.
Female voices also deepen as they age. She was never going to sound as good as she did when Anti dropped and was really showcasing her vocals.
Rih did a good performance here and there in her career but she's never been really good with live vocals. On record her voice is great though.
Never is an exaggeration when she did Stay beautifully on SNL and Love on the brain a few times. Yes I’m reaching but it’s not like she’s not capable. Willing? Maybe not often.
I always wonder if there's been albums ready why has nothing leaked? Like literally nothing?

Rihanna stans need to take some notes from Ariana stans and get hold of her hard drive fff.

(I still don't believe there was ever an album ready though to be honest)
The most annoying thing with fame and stardom is that artists get so full of themselves and forget who made them a star. It's us, fans and consumers of music.
Fans and consumers didn't do shit but purchase music, merch, and concert tickets, which is not a hard thing to do. Let's be real. It's the artists' art, ambition, talent, and some luck that made them stars. With all due respect, I can't stand when fans act like they actually did something.

I can't stand fans in general dddd. Madonna is onto something when she doesn't have a weird ass reverence for her fans.
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Fans and consumers didn't do shit but purchase music, merch, and concert tickets
All of which made Rihanna famous!

I think she just needs to stop saying "it's coming" or giving non-answers regarding new music. Girl just tell us you're not interested now that you've made your money and you'd rather have another baby and only perform for billionaires once in a blue moon if the price is right.
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All of which made Rihanna famous!
"I bought her CDs and made her famous!!!" Okay great, go listen to the CDs you bought? That's what you paid for. Nothing else. To think she owes you anything beyond what you've already paid for and received is delusional and low-key a bit scary. That attitude and entitlement is exactly why pop stars increasingly distance themselves from their psychotic, toxic fanbases.
Reading how grueling her schedule was during her career makes it abundantly clear why she chose to semi-retire for music. She was touring for Loud and making Talk that Talk at the same time which means she was doing a show and then spending all night in the studio. She says she would wake up and cry because she was so exhausted. So no, I don't blame her for taking it easy and making bank with panties and makeup now and frankly thinking she owes you more music because you once bought her CD or went to her concert is downright weird. Ditto for Britney. For the person who said "if I was in their position I would make music all the time for my fans" you literally have no idea what their life is like and what the pressures and demands are at that level, be serious.
Right like I remember when she had to squeeze in a few hours in between tour dates to go on set and shoot the videos for You Da One and What Now (and it showed). That was such a hectic era for her.
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