Rihanna - 9th Album

I have full confidence in her and her team to actually release a great song if (when?) she ever decides to properly launch R9.

This one, one the other hand, is merely serviceable. When did pop girls lose the ability to produce a soundtrack song that does more than just clear out the theater?
It's just such a weird low-key approach. Like, when I heard "tribute to Chadwick", a ballad made sense, but this is a lullaby. If it was more celebratory, spiritual or even reminiscent it would work. But currently it's too generic to really tap into any feeling.
She sounds great but the song goes nowhere and doesn't have much replay value to me. I wish the buildup led to something towards the end.
It seriously lacks structure, momentum or build-up, it just trods along in a repetitive cycle that does not excite, engage or affect. And it ends, just when you think there will be some sort of climax. It's about 1 minute too short had there been a bridge, climax or conclusion, which... is not there, so now it feels about 3 minutes too long...