Rihanna - 9th Album

It still perplexes me to this day that neither "Breakin' Dishes" or "Sell Me Candy" were one of Good Girl Gone Bad's eighty-five singles.
I remember the rumor that “Breakin’ Dishes” was going to be released as a single in its Soul Seekerz Remix form but then the assault happened and that news just evaporated.

I want Shut Up and Drive but it's never going to happen and for some reason I feel like she hates it ddd
I am prepped to be fully pissed off at its exclusion. It’s legit the only Rihanna song I truly love but I agree that she probably hates it.
SEVEN YEARS since her best album was released.

Okay, time to get real. Just as I iconically predicted Beyoncé’s half-time show Chevrolet tie-in, I must point out Apple Music is sponsoring the half-time show for the first time, and they are going to want their money’s worth.

The game is being broadcast on CBS.

Apple Music and CBS have a multi-year Carpool Karaoke exclusivity deal.

The odds of James Corden drifting onto the field in an Escalade convertible to do a lap with Rihanna while they warble out a few Olivia Rodrigo bars is approximately 100%.