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Rihanna - 9th Studio Album 2019? (It ain't done 'til it's done!)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by TasteIt, Oct 19, 2017.

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  1. I'd say Music of the Sun is leagues better than A Girl Like Me. So many BOPS (happy people?!).
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  2. I agree that "Music of the Sun" is much better than "A Girl Like Me" and is very underrated.
    It has some amazing album tracks:

    The title track is my favorite, such a gorgeous song.
    Even the bonus tracks "Should I" and "Hypnotized" are really good.
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  3. Fully agree with all of your picks.. I love Rush! The club hit that got away.
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  4. I've listened to her mixtapes once each and I remember Music of the Sun having a handful of decent album tracks. A Girl Like Me was flat out garbage though aside from the singles.
  5. Wait I forgot how much I love this as well.
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  6. Debating her debut was not on my mood board for this point in 2019 but here we are.
  7. All this Music Of The Sun talk is making me want to listen to it in full, which I've never done.
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  8. A Girl Like Me, maybe, but Music of the Sun? Definitely not. I mean, Pon De Replay, Hypnotized, Should I, If It's Lovin', You Don't Love Me, That La La La, Let Me, Rush, There's a Thug In My Life...whew!
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  9. There's A Thug In My Life is that song.
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  10. I still love these A LOT, and not just for the nostalgia.

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  11. I love how Rihanna’s discography has something for everybody. We love versatility!
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  12. 2014

    2014 Moderator

    yas what a song. This and SOS alone are enough to make her first 2 albums worth it.
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  13. Versatility is Rihanna’s strength
  14. I don't think there's even debate that Music of the Sun is better than its follow-up, right? Like, A Girl Like Me has "SOS" and... ?
  15. Top 10 smash Unfaithful.

    On that note, I wish she recorded Unfaithful more recently, now that her voice has grown enough to really pull it off. She doesn't sound bad on it, but her voice wasn't quite big enough for it in 2006. "I don't wanna be.... a murderer!" is still one of the most ridiculous, melodramatic lines in recent memory.
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  16. I still love "We Ride," ddd.
  17. Unfaithful was the first pop single I've ever bought (along with JoJo's Too Little Too Late). A Girl Like Me is half killer half filler but some of y'all are really testing me.
  18. An entire singles run. Music of the Sun can’t relate
  19. Look at that singles run, though. Huh.
  20. 1. Pon De Replay
    2. If It's Lovin That You Want
    3. Let Me
    4. You Don't Love Me (No No No)
    5. SOS

    We love the Umbrella Warm-up EP.
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