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Rihanna - ANTI (Guess what? She believes in it!)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by RJF, Oct 9, 2014.

  1. Collab on her new album ty.
  2. WOW:

    Also, this cracked me up:

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  3. kal


    Whoopi Goldberg looks lit!
  4. Phuck yo bitta ass!
  5. kal


    No bitterness. I love both of them!
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  6. I know sis x
  7. Her Insta story rn with Lil Mayo... scream
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  8. RJF


    A lggk
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  9. Seems like someone got hold of 'Answer' an outtake from Talk that Talk. Here's a snippet:

    Sounds ok? I still wonder why it was removed from the tracklist last minute. I hope it leaks in full.
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  10. Well soon you'll have your answer.
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  11. It’s so rare to get a Rihanna leak.

    It’s a ChRIHstmas miracle!
  12. So ANTI has spent 100 weeks in the Billboard top 100 making this her longest charting album (Good Girl Gone Bad hot 99 weeks).

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  13. Don't sleep on this remix:

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  14. Thank YOU. Whew.
  15. When is LOVR being released???
    Give me that 80s soft-rock album, Rih.
    Any news from Glass John?
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  16. Sis...
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  17. Can Rih and Sza make a video for Consideration just for the hell of it?
  18. We love an impactful queen. Look at all those favorites
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  19. Queen of longevity. I can't believe it wasn't discounted even once.
  20. 1 million of those were free, hun. I believe that stands for quite a hefty discount.
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