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Rihanna - ANTI (Guess what? She believes in it!)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by RJF, Oct 9, 2014.

  1. Hmm seems like a list of working demos/songs recorded around 2014 before the additional 2015 sessions and finalization of the album, no? If Kiss It Better was meant to be the lead single they obviously changed plans early by dropping so many now non-album singles. I doubt ANTI was ever meant to be released like this.

    That tracklist is very 17. I Hate It because it's missing so many career highlights and has American Oxygen. Lemon knocks though but there's too much Pharrell; I wonder if there was a version with more Rih on it? Bit of a scream that they were holding onto it for so long (it was released in 2017).

    Justice for SOPHIE's version of Nothing Is Promised, the only loss.
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  2. Wasn’t Love On the Brain supposed to be performed at the 2015 Brits before she dropped out? Or am I imagining things?
  3. Whew, 2015 was brilliant for Rihanna, wasn't it?

    The final product was excellent as it was, and thank god we dodged having Sledgehammer on the album.
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  4. RJF


    The amount of bullets we dodged to get the album we did.
  5. Soon as Kanye dipped.
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  6. RJF


    Madonna mastering Rebel Heart teas.
  7. No you’re right. Peter even spoke about it
  8. XXX


    Two interludes back to back and 'Close to You' track #13 on a 21-track album? Choices were made.
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  9. "Needed Me" (No. 142), "Bitch Better Have My Money" (No. 95) and "Work" (No. 15) all made it onto Pitchfork's The 200 Best Songs of the 2010s, as well as "We Found Love" (No. 62).

    Also, was "Goodnight Gotham" ever meant to be a full song or was it always meant to be an instrumental interlude?
  10. I just saw a bunch of 'real music'ers LOSE it over Work being #15 so now I LOVE Pitchfork.
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  11. It exists as a full track. It was allegedly supposed to open the album, then it was submitted for the Suicide Squad soundtrack, and I think that’s the last we heard about it...
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  12. Can they resubmit it for the soundtrack for Matt Reeves' The Batman?
  13. how the fuck was it rejected for the Suicide Squad soundtrack? It would’ve fit in perfectly. Mess.
  14. Apparently it was rejected because it wasn’t a track made exclusively with the film in mind, which is stupid.
  15. It's just the tracks she recorded at the time, it seems.
    The book also features her in front of a list of the stuff she was considering in 2015:
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  16. Is that “Only One” I see at track 6? As in Kanye’s “Only One”?

  17. DDD NawT the Joyride debacle immortalized forever in book form.
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  18. Just Feel It is great and would have fit before Needed Me.

    I would love to hear some of the other outtakes (if she recorded them). We know she recorded Same Old Love for example (thank god this got cut).

    This is so interesting!
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  19. Honestly she sounds great on the snippet we have of her Same Old Love demo. I hope it leaks in full eventually

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  20. At least her version of the song isn't 95% Charli on the chorus!
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