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Rihanna - ANTI (Guess what? She believes in it!)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by RJF, Oct 9, 2014.

  1. The foam that they were flinging down the backdrop during Kiss It Better was something
  2. Umm...no. It’s one of the better tracks from that messy era which aged quite well actually.
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  3. I... I don't think that's how it went.

    As did I.
    I'm pretty sure Samsung paid for those million copies as a part of that $25m deal and then the album leaked and they just... gave them out for free and snatched that certification from RIAA gnvnvn

    I'm not sure if it was really just that simple or if there's something I'm forgetting, but yeah... I don't like to bring it up. The first few weeks of that era were disastrous. From that to the first reviews of the album being terrible to it selling 460 due to it only being available for purchase on TIDAL while everyone rushed to download it for free, to her cancelling the Grammys performance... It was the Rated R era all over again, but way worse.

    Then Work went #1, Needed Me and the Drake and Calvin collabos came out and it was like all of that never happened (despite the tour kinda flopping.) Her star power was not affected by that shit at all. It's actually mind boggling and I don't know how she managed to make a successful era out of what was a potentially career-ending situation.

    That Rihanna reign, I guess.
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  4. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    This is.... a take
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  5. Bitch Better Have My Money is the best off the three tracks we got before the album. I'll never forgive her for not putting it on the tracklist.
    The song? Iconic.
    The video? Iconic.
    The R3hab remix? Iconic.
  6. Yeah, Tidal gave the album away as a free download. It was literally just a website link, there was no need to sign up or anything.

  7. I still remember her finally releasing (/leaking) the album on my birthday.

    Queen only had time for one Robert, and it was not @Bobbyrae.
  8. RJF


    The fact that my joke thread became the official thread I-
  9. I remember ANTI being released as a "free album" on Tidal right after my free trial was over... I eventually was able to download a FLAC version of the album for free on Tidal and felt so proud of myself somehow. Flashfoward to me, three months later, consulting my bank account and finding out that I had those weird 20€ transactions coming from Sweden each month. I then realized that downloading that free digital copy of ANTI actually reactivated my subscription to Tidal and I had been paying for it for the past three months... it was worth it though.
  10. XXX


    I forgot how amazing 'Kiss It Better' is. It really deserved the moon and the stars.
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  11. We also got some iconic remixes

    The Kiss It Better remixes in particular rival the original, to be honest.

    The art direction and photoshoot from the album are so brilliant. Always been a bit bitter the cover wasn't from the shoot, but at least we got plenty of single covers etc.
  12. Still here for any and all Anti leftovers.
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  14. The book was delivered to me sometime last week in a massive box that housed another massive box with the logo on it. Still haven’t even gotten around to the actual book part because the packaging was a lot. It’s all gorgeous, though.
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  15. Finally.

    2006? It really has been a while.

    (They reposted it now)
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  16. You forgot to mention that when it came out the album was instantly a classic fantastic piece of pop music. To me there was never any issue. The music was and is stellar
  17. Rihanna needs to release something in 2020. I miss her dominating the music scene but she seems pretty over it these days, but I'll continue to remain hopeful.
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  18. The quality of the album was never up for debate to those with taste, so congratulations to you.
  19. I know that gets thrown around constantly, but I don't see it?

    The facts are that she incessantly gets asked about new music, even when she is making an appearance for entirely different reasons. We also know her to be quite the troll when she feels like it. To me, she's simply at a stage in her career where she doesn't need to release music for the sake of it, and so I'm expecting her to do so once she has a complete package that she believes in. And honestly, I much prefer the lack of information this time around to the never-ending false starts to the ANTI era.
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