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Rihanna - ANTI (Guess what? She believes in it!)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by RJF, Oct 9, 2014.

  1. Rihanna needs to release something in 2020. I miss her dominating the music scene but she seems pretty over it these days, but I'll continue to remain hopeful.
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  2. The quality of the album was never up for debate to those with taste, so congratulations to you.
  3. I know that gets thrown around constantly, but I don't see it?

    The facts are that she incessantly gets asked about new music, even when she is making an appearance for entirely different reasons. We also know her to be quite the troll when she feels like it. To me, she's simply at a stage in her career where she doesn't need to release music for the sake of it, and so I'm expecting her to do so once she has a complete package that she believes in. And honestly, I much prefer the lack of information this time around to the never-ending false starts to the ANTI era.
  4. She doesn't really need to do anything, she's proven herself to be an epic force without releasing anything music related
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  5. We need her to release something in 2020 though.
  6. I must admit I am craving some new music!

    Her discography is so solid and I could handle it being complete but no, sorry, new music is needed.
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  7. Four years...wow.
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  8. ANTI continues to quench my Rihanna thirst whenever I think of new music. Consideration, Kiss It Better (yeah, I know binch), Woo, Same Ol' Mistakes, Never Ending, Sex With Me... the entire album. She really did that to this day.
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  9. What does it mean
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  10. [​IMG]
  11. Illuminati confirmed.
  12. Didn’t she leave Def Jam years ago. What would they know.
  13. Rated R is officially ten years old this year, is she doing something with her old albums?
  14. It means the gay intern at Def Jam is a stunt queen.
  15. Package them with Fenty bath bombs
    Rated R(elaxation)
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  16. It’s been four years...whew.

    Still a classic.
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  17. SMG


    I’m still stunned that she covered Tame Impala and made it sound like it was written for her. She took an already brilliant track and made it the statement piece of her best album. Phew.
  18. Still true.
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  19. Happy 4th Antiversary, kideo. Here's to many more years of waiting for a follow-up.
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