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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by 3Xs, Dec 17, 2009.

  1. 3Xs


    Funny you should say that, the full thing just leaked recently: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lI4VgHJSOcM

    And I agree, Sexuality is kick ass.
  2. The Rude Boy video is so amazing. I want a million remixes. Great track.
  3. 3Xs


    Rihanna being fierce in South Korea

    Love that hoodie.
  4. Cool video, love the summer barbadian theme. But it does get a bti boring
  5. 3Xs


    Her trip around the world continues, Rihanna is now in Australia!

    She got a cute little Koala bear when she arrived at the airport in Sydney.

  6. 3Xs


  7. I think I'm now a Rihanna stan for everything Rated R. I hope her next album isn't a step back to crappy pop.

    Also, Fire Bomb and Rockstar 101 should be released. I want a Live EP and a deluxe edition of Rated R with a second CD/DVD that is a bit like a B-side/extras/demos/videos mash.

  8. 3Xs


    WELCOME TO THE CLUB!! haha, I kid.

    And I wouldn't worry, if the GGGB era is anything to go by there will be a million re-releases of Rated R.
  9. I joined the club when Rated R came out haha.

    Yeah but after the remix album isn't there rumours of her releasing something completely new? Gah.
  10. Pom De Replay popped onto the telly the other day and I nearly fainted. It's so strange seeing how far she's come since that song was released. I bet she won't include it on her Singles Collection.
  11. [​IMG]

    real gurrrl.
  12. 3Xs


    Yeah apparently she is working with Guetta and Ne-Yo on new stuff. Though this could be for a re-release and not a new album.

    Though to be honest, I'd much rather prefer a new album over tacking on 3 new songs to Rated R. One, it would look desperate. And two, Rated R is perfect as it is and there is no need to touch it.
  13. I agree with both your points, but I don't want a few songs added on the end. I want it repackaged with a seperate disc (a la Kylie's Impossible Princess in 2003)!!! I can dream.
  14. 3Xs


    Def Jam is too stupid to do anything like that.

    I just hope we get the remix album (if it EVER comes out!!) and a live DVD. Then on to the next album by late this year or early next.
  15. Yeah but what if Jay-Z is like "SOZ IT'S PON DE REPLAY 2.0"? Only reason I'm not too sure about a new album.
  16. I was just about to post the same thing. I feel a re-release of Rated R with a few songs tacked on the end of the album would just take away from the amazingness of the current album. I would much prefer a completely new album.
  17. SHE MUST!!! It's her "Crazy in Love", her "Baby One More Time", her "Genie in the Bottle"..im sure you get what I mean.

    Its the song that made me a fan!
  18. Pon De Replay better be on her inevitable Greatest Hits. If It's Lovin' That You Want wouldn't be missed but that one is the reason I fell in love with her all those years ago.
  19. 3Xs


    I have faith in Rihanna. I'm sure her label was worried about how Rated R would pan out but she's gotten 2 top 10's and is on track for a third. And it's her fastest selling album.

    I think that since it's done well, her label will let her continue in the direction she is going. A move back to lightweight pop would devastate me. At this point, I just feel there is no turning back.

    Same. I'd be shocked if it wasn't included.

    And speaking of greatest hits, Rihanna's GH will be so fucking amazing, I can't wait.
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