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Rihanna - General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by 3Xs, Dec 17, 2009.

  1. She’s on Seth Meyers tonight:

  2. The whole video:

    That was one of the most hilarious things Rihanna's ever done. "Excuse me, are you the girl from Battleship?".
  3. He


    She's so amazing and charming and cool.

    Her laughter is life.
  4. "It's a nut milk!"
    "What? Don't ever say that again."
  5. I loved that!
  6. kal


    I died right here.

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  7. Her asking for advice on what to do if she were to quit music. She’s such a fucking troll dddd.
  8. I hate her so much fff
  9. I died at her saying, “You just said it... Blow your wife”.
  10. 1



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  11. I love this bad gal so much.
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  12. If?
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  13. She's so funny and charming and definitely over recording music ever again fgffgsdfsd
  14. Presenting Mary J. Blige with a BET Lifetime Achievement Award:

  15. Collab please!

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  16. The black Madonna.
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  17. She seems like the pop star that’s most fun to hang out with.

    My Rihanna Top 5 would be:
    1) Only Girl In The World
    2) We Ride
    3) We Found Love
    4) Needed Me
    5) We All Want Love
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