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Rihanna - General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by 3Xs, Dec 17, 2009.

  1. Me too ... especially that it’s owned by LVMH’s biggest rival, Kering.
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  2. Weeee don’t need no haters
    We just tryin to love one another
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  3. She’s getting an award:

  4. “ im sick of this where the album sis”

    We’re never getting this album
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  5. The fact that she has the time to be out there replying to thirst on twitter and trolling us about this album for months... like fine sell me some make-up or lingerie sis... anything... just not this. This is just cruel. I'm sad and tired.
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  6. Honestly I agree with her. Leave her alone. The album will come when it comes.
  7. But stop teasing it until something is actually coming? Like girl...don’t hint at the existence of a project and lay out potential timings only to ignore them when the time comes and then skirt around when the thirsty fans remain pressed that there’s been nothing.

    Bearing in mind this isn’t just like “oop I’m a few months late”. It’s been over four years. I have so many examples to post but honestly - read the thread. There’s nothing else going on here so it’s not hard to miss.

    By the way, I’d like to add we’re not entitled to music. Rihanna doesn’t owe her fans a new album simply because we’re dying to hear something. It’s just getting a bit tiresome that it’s been literal years of teasing something that seems months away at this point (best case scenario).

    If she’s not ready, fine. Just stop discussing/referencing/teasing it until she is.

    I’m sure there are valid reasons. A multitude of business ventures with different moving parts keeping her busy? Anxiety about the album not being good enough? Not to mention a breakup after a three year relationship. I’m not saying we deserve something when there’s probably so much going on behind the scenes. What we don’t deserve is this needless trolling. I’ve had it!
  8. kal


    Yeah, she’s not exactly making it easy to be her fan.
  9. She gives zero fucks...like literally.

    She’ll get to it when she gets to it.
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  10. Me as a popstar.
  11. A literal icon clearly instructed them to superimpose an ellipsis in post and they didn't do it?
  12. *insert @BEST FICTION Christina Aguilera's my album is coming reel*
  13. Ddd my thoughts exactly. ET editors don't have the skill set!
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  14. Well it’s ova
  15. Honestly wouldn’t mind a Rihsedency. Her and JLO in Miami would be iconic
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