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Rihanna - General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by 3Xs, Dec 17, 2009.

  1. I honestly love her.
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  2. Her The Light Is Coming is coming.
  3. I’d be here for this. Underrated song teebs
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  4. Sis WHAT is this gif ddddd
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  5. Pharrell?!

    I’m done (and so is the reggae album?)
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  6. I'm intrigued by the thought of a Rih's own Sweetener.
  7. If it's not Feel It Boy levels of quality then keep it
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  8. She would sound great on something like blazed.
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  9. “It’s been someone I’ve wanted to work with for a long time”.

    Sis your last released track was a Pharrell song. I cannot!
  10. It's been almost half a decade for her as well.
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  11. Feel It Boy SLAPS. We love Beenie Man.

  12. We really don't!
  13. We don't love homophobes. But we do love female vocalists and a good Pharrell/Neptunes production! Feel It Boy and Girls Dem Sugar are guilty pleasures.
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  14. I... am not.
  15. Please don't bring this energy into the world.
  16. She’s in the studio with the Neptunes right now!

    Just posted to her insta story:

    “gang. back in da STU”, to be precise.
  17. I find them to be incredibly hit and miss so I'm nervous.
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  18. Halfway through Feb and still no indication of the album coming anytime soon. I just want to know if we're getting it Q2 or Q3.
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