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Rihanna - General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by 3Xs, Dec 17, 2009.

  1. Maybe Q4 dddd.
  2. I feel like I always bring this up when people worry about the timeline. Even if she has JUST started working on the album (which we know isn't the case), it doesn't mean it'll take a year to complete. B'Day was recorded in three weeks and released a few months later, for example.

    Mainly this is me trying to convince myself everything will be OK.
  3. Freakin' Pharrell. I liked it better when we didn't know much about this project.
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  4. The only sliver of hope...Rihanna always goes into the studio right before a release.
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  5. The Neptunes isn't just Pharrell right? I'll start worrying once I hear actual snippets or more.
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  6. We all know Rihanna was able of cranking out an album in a couple of weeks but I think those days are long past. I guess for the best as she's a lot more careful about her output but I do miss her energy in the music world.
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  8. One of the albums is basically done. She’s working on R10 already, per her Vogue interview. Pretty sure she’s trying to get both in the bag before she starts releasing anything.
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  9. Sooooo the Mr S rumour is that she’s featuring on a PartyNextDoor song out next Friday.
  10. I love PartyNextDoor. Here for this.
  11. Me too but a feature coming before her own lead after all this time...I can’t.
  12. Yeah, at this point, I would much prefer if her 'comeback' was the lead (or at least solo) single.
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  13. Unless the lead single isn’t coming anytime soon.
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  14. I just really really hope if she's collaborating with Pharrell it ends up sounding more like Blow and less like the shitty parts of Sweetener.
  15. I hope it’s more in the vein of late 90’s, early 2000’s old school Neptunes stuff. If the album is still heavily dancehall influenced I hope their Beenie Man stuff is template.

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  16. The fact she allowed PartyNextDoor to release a song is a indicative that her solo music is also coming. I mean, it's a pretty common strategy to release a collaboration or standalone single before a new album cycle, isn't it?
  17. Pop stars stop diluting the hype for your own lead singles with a cute feature to test the waters challenge.
  18. The album that followed Lemon is her best work.
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