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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by 3Xs, Dec 17, 2009.

  1. Not when Kiss It Better exists.
  2. Woo is really the only song I don't use from Anti. Kiss Is Better and Consideration are my main favorites.
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  3. I agree Kiss It better is up there!
    As is Consideration. All have amazing intros aswell.

    Woo and Never Ending have not much return factor
  4. Woo is such a mood.
  5. It’s also a bit of a racket though
  6. Goodnight Gotham is the only song worth removing. Pose is... you have to be in the mood for it. Aside from that, ANTI is perfect.

    Love on the Brain actually is my fav tho oop
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  7. aux


    Same dd. The iconic sample... delicious.
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  8. This is the definitive version of Love On The Brain. She felt it that night.
  9. It’s up there as one of the top songs on Anti. Underrated jam
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  10. FresherThanWho
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  11. "Goodnight Gotham" never becoming a fully formed song is such a travesty. The instrumental had so much potential.
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  12. Sex with Me is top three on Anti.
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  13. This is a fabulous cup of tea
  14. Sex with Me gives me Dance for You teas. The little bonus tracks that could and did! Eat up R&B radio, queens!
  15. "Woo" and "Never Ending" are one of my favourites from "ANTI" and I think they're pretty underrated.

    But, yeah, "Love On the Brain" has always been my favourite.
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  16. Woo is so deliciously nightmarish, and it bangs. What more could you ask for really
  17. The artwork. The video. The intro. The hair.

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  18. A literal, cultural reset. Think of all the girls who turned this down only for Ri to turn it out. The silver set moment is still breathtaking.
  19. The song that turned me into a full blown STAN.
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