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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by 3Xs, Dec 17, 2009.

  1. Any love for "Loveeeeee Song" with Future? What a great song!
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  2. RJF


    Wow I had no idea Rihanna was the world’s youngest female prime minister. She really is doing everything but music.
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  4. TM


    “I can’t say when I’m going to drop,” she says (it could even be out by the time you read this). “But I am very aggressively working on music,” she adds, coyly.

    “I don’t want my albums to feel like themes,” she says, taking a sip of wine. “There are no rules. There’s no format. There’s just good music, and if I feel it, I’m putting it out.” Does that mean that, contrary to reports, it’s not going to be a reggae album, I ask, trying to hide my disappointment. Rihanna chuckles. “Oh no, that is happening,” she reassures me. But on this, as in life, she won’t be pinned down. “I feel like I have no boundaries. I’ve done everything – I’ve done all the hits, I’ve tried every genre – now I’m just, I’m wide open. I can make anything that I want.”

    From British Vogue
  6. If ever there was a time for a surprise release.

    I just don't think she has any music videos prepared in order to continue a compaign through all of this pandemic.
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  7. Could she stop serving, your honour?
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  8. Her Vogue covers, across the board, are some of the most consistently stunning covers for a publication by a Popstar ever.
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  9. This. "Sell Me Candy" should've been a single and it definitely deserved single status over three of the singles off Good Girl Gone Bad.
  10. Why does this sound like she'll end up dropping 100 songs all at once.
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  11. That would explain the wait
  12. Do it, Rihanna. Release an Icarus Falls, but like actually good.
  13. rdp


    Can't wait to see your face...

    When your front windows break...

    And I come crashing through



    A song.
  14. I'm so excited for this next album. I feel like she's really going to all in and surprise us with what she has planned.
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  15. That surprises me too. I really didn't think people thought much about this song. That said, FourFiveSeconds is also high on her Spotify and I refuse to believe anyone considers that one of her career highlights.

    On the note of Good Girl Gone Bad (even though no ones talking about it anymore) I remember being very surprised they went with Hate That I Love You before Rehab. The latter seemed like the albums most obvious hit. Both are so 2007 - one is Stargate by the numbers the other is Timberlake/Timbaland by the numbers. But I was obsessed with Rehab that summer. I'm glad it got be a single eventually (and a modest hit) but I wish she'd resisted the urge to put Justin in the video.
  16. I feel like they went with the former first because her label didn't completely comprehend what a cultural reset "Umbrella" was and wanted to leverage Ne-Yo's clout for additional commercial appeal.
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  17. These last few pages make me want to dive into her discography once again. My favorite deep cuts, that haven't been mentioned yet, have to be these:

    It all just proves her right in that interview, she's dipped in so many genres at this point. Can't wait for her rihturn.
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