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Rihanna - General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by 3Xs, Dec 17, 2009.

  1. I'm quite happy for her to put out music when she actually wants to, because anyone with eyes and ears could tell you that wasn't always the case during the sausage factory years.

    Whenever she's ready, so am I.
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  2. A moment. Truly one of her best career highlights.
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  3. Wow, the TASTE!

    And since everyone is sharing their favorite underrated Rihanna songs, here's the literal mother of them of all:

  4. When the synths kick in towards the end of this

  5. A deep cut discussion?

    Take me to the island, Rih.
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  6. Wow. These three, I thank you dearly for reminding me of.

    Good Girl Gone Bad, the song, was a tour highlight of its parent tour.

    G4L is top tier deep cut for me! What an absolute bad bitch Instagram caption fest this smash hit that never was could have been!

    Also while we’re on the topic of bad bitch Rih, The Wait Is Ova says Hi
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  7. Remember...whatever the hell this was?
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  8. Rated R still holds up, full of bangers, moody midtempos and lush ballads.

    Stupid In Love is still trash though.
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  9. The best and most reassuring thing about Rihanna is that she just gets it.

    When she decided to halt her music career to do fucking make-up, she launched a 500 million dollar brand with extreme industry and cultural relevancy, not a tacky Amazon-only semi-flop.
    Even when she is doing trashy David Guetta songs, she still manages to pick the best trash David Guetta can muster.

    She is blessed by having her intensely manicured fingers on the pulse of culture - binch can do no wrong. Not everybody has that.
  10. I was just thinking today that even IF she is spending her quarantine time in a studio finishing up the album there would be no way to shoot videos/plan promotion. So the sooner we are looking at is Q4?

  11. Did everyone catch that I said “cultural rihset” because the likes are not reflecting how genius I am
  12. I feel like the only reason she released that was because she's a Brandy stan and Brandy demo'd it.
  13. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    I'm listening to Good Girl Gone Bad for the first time in years and I suddenly remembered this Japan bonus track existed, and lo and behold it's actually on Spotify:

    I remember being immensely pressed that it was a bonus track, and honestly I still kind of am. Why the hell did Say It get to take up space on the album while this was left to rot?
  14. RMK


    I'm okay with her not having this.
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  15. Ms. Tedder talks too much.
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  16. Thankfully, it wasn't. Although I don't revisit it often, "Russian Roulette" was such a statement as a comeback single.
  17. Cannot see Rihanna singing Battlefield. Glad she didn't.
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  18. Russian Roulette is actually one of my favorite Rihanna songs. It’s probably my favorite lead single of her. The music video is stunning as well.
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  19. Russian Roulette would be more impressive if that gunshot at the end didn't sound like a starters pistol.
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