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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by 3Xs, Dec 17, 2009.

  1. I far prefer 'If It's Lovin' That You Want' to 'Pon De Replay'. I'm weird, I know.
  2. IotV

    IotV Guest

    Genie... was on Christina's Greatest Hits, and she's arguably come further than Rihanna, so I'm sure it will be.
  3. I do too. I like the song and video much more.

  4. Genie is a much better song than Replay though. And I like If It's Lovin' That You Want as well. But SOS was my wake-up call to the sheer pop glory of Rihanna.
  5. fake

    she has been linked to a lot of movies lately but she has a worldwide tour coming so no movie for a while
  6. 3Xs


    Woop! Exciting news, Rih Rih will be coming to the UK for more promo!

    From RihannaDaily:

    Rihanna was just spotted at an airport in Sydney! But don’t worry, she’ll be back in Australia in October for tour!

    She might be going to NYC now for the Fashion Week. However next week she’ll be heading to UK for some more promotion! She will be appearing on GMTV, doing radio interviews, and also be performing and interviewed on “Alan Carr” which will air February 25th.
  7. A Rihanna grestest hits would be awesome. She's a great singles artist:

    Pon de Replay
    Shut Up & Drive
    Don't Stop The Music
    Hate That I Love You
    Take A Bow
    Russian Roulette
    Rude Boy

    and a few bonus tracks... better than your average greatest hits compilation.
  8. ^ Break It Off should definitely be included! We Ride, not so much.

    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    To that I would add If It's Lovin That You Want, Break It Off, Fire Bomb, and Rockstar 101. Those last two really should be the next singles.
  10. My ideal Greatest Hits would go:

    1. Pon de Replay
    2. If It's Lovin' That You Want
    3. S.O.S.
    4. Unfaithful
    5. Break It Off
    6. Umbrella
    7. Shut Up And Drive
    8. Don't Stop The Music
    9. Take A Bow
    10. Disturbia
    11. Russian Roulette
    12. Hard
    13. Rude Boy
    14. Fire Bomb (if a single)
    15. Te Amo (if a single)
    16. New Song
    17. Live Your Life [Bonus Track]
    18. Run This Town [Bonus Track]

    It would be incredible! I do like We Ride and Hate That I Love You, and love Rehab, but she can afford to lose them. Another album with some good singles would probably push a potential GH to perfection...
  11. Happy Birthday to Rihallah!
  12. I think Rihanna is probably one of the best pop acts for singles actually. You cannot argue with a tracklist like the one above.
  13. 3Xs




    Thanks for giving me so much amazing music and many great memories!
  14. vasilios

    vasilios Guest

    Ugliest jpg ever but yes.
  15. 3Xs


    I KNOW!! I stole it from the RihannaDaily homepage and I was looking for something better but I gave up.
  16. 22? I keep forgetting how young she is.
  17. 3Xs


    HERE we go, much better:

  18. She already has a greatest hits album. It's called "Good Girl Gone Bad: Reloaded"
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