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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Breakfast2, Feb 28, 2007.

  1. RMK


    The way she was tryna get a night out and the club cornered her. I cannot
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  2. I’m screaming she looks mad as hell at the sign .
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  3. Rihanna being the only 21st century artist on this list, it's what she deserves!
  4. Listened to Unapologetic tonight for the first time in ages and I'll admit I got a little teary eyed at Love Without Tragedy/Mother Mary. Whew, she really did that. I can't believe I overlooked this masterpiece before. One of her best. Also I miss her voice.
  5. Love Without Tragedy/Mother Mary is fucking amazing. The second half of the song is just a solo, untampered vocal, for minutes upon minutes. It could honestly last 20 minutes longer and I wouldn't be bored. Beautiful, dramatic.
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  6. "Love Without Tragedy/Mother Mary" is probably my favorite Rihanna song.

  7. that's my mama and y'all can TWEET!!!!! you can do whatever
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  9. Unapologetic made Rihanna who she is today. An incredible album and era.
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  10. You Da One is one of her worst singles and the vocal take is pure pain.
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  11. I mean What Now? The DRAMATICS.
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  12. I loathe "You Da One." I like to pretend that the Talk That Talk era was "We Found Love" followed by "Where Have You Been."
  13. She doesn't have too many "bad" singles, but You Da One is execrable. Really unpleasant to listen to, and she couldn't sound less interested if she'd been asleep.
  14. I can't get over the fact that "Jump" is the second biggest single from Unapologetic in Australia—"Stay" peaked at No. 4, "Jump" No. 5, "Diamonds" No. 6, "What Now" No. 21 and "Right Now" No. 39—despite only being a radio single. It deserved a full release, tbh.
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  15. You Da One is a bop what are you talking about?!
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  16. Yeah I have to admit, I actually like You Da One!
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  17. Not this You Da One slander when Rockstar 101 and American Carbon Monoxide are right there.
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