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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Breakfast2, Feb 28, 2007.

  1. Unapologetic made Rihanna who she is today. An incredible album and era.
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  2. You Da One is one of her worst singles and the vocal take is pure pain.
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  3. I mean What Now? The DRAMATICS.
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  4. I loathe "You Da One." I like to pretend that the Talk That Talk era was "We Found Love" followed by "Where Have You Been."
  5. She doesn't have too many "bad" singles, but You Da One is execrable. Really unpleasant to listen to, and she couldn't sound less interested if she'd been asleep.
  6. I can't get over the fact that "Jump" is the second biggest single from Unapologetic in Australia—"Stay" peaked at No. 4, "Jump" No. 5, "Diamonds" No. 6, "What Now" No. 21 and "Right Now" No. 39—despite only being a radio single. It deserved a full release, tbh.
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  7. You Da One is a bop what are you talking about?!
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  8. Yeah I have to admit, I actually like You Da One!
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  9. Not this You Da One slander when Rockstar 101 and American Carbon Monoxide are right there.
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  10. Unapologetic houses some of my favourite Rihanna tracks (Get It Over With, Love Without Tragedy/Mother Mary, Pour It Up, Loveeeeeee Song). I could really do without Right Now, What Now (great verses, beautiful verses) and the EDM touches that date the album.

    There's something about Jump that weirdly always reminded me of Katy B, especially the melody on the verses.
  11. Guys, word on the street she is pregnant. We're doomed if its real.
  12. We were doomed anyway.
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  13. My partner said "Imagine getting burped by Rihanna" and I'm just wondering if anyone is looking for a roommate.
  14. Watch her plop an album on streaming platforms while pregnant for a kii.
  15. I can't believe she'd resort to dropping a baby just to get out of dropping an album... seriously.

    I kid. She's worked tirelessly (essentially non-stop) for the past 15+ years and if now feels like the right time for her to start a family, I wish her nothing but love and happiness. It's so easy to forget just how much she's already crammed into her career and how young she was when she started. She has certainly kept us FED.
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  16. Rockstar 101? No. Even the clean version sounds great.

    Hopefully she will give us at least a Greatest Hits (with 10 new songs).
  17. Speculating someone is pregnant based purely on their appearance is kind of inappropriate, no? Anyway, two "independent sources" telling it to some random publication no one has ever heard of is hardly reputable.

    I'm willing to eat my words if it checks out but...
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  18. Rockstar 101 is Rihanna Top 20. The middle eight!
  19. Dragging "Rockstar 101" in support of "You da One" is certainly something.
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  20. “Who’s That Chick?” on the radio in the office today. The adrenaline was felt!

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