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Rihanna - “Lift Me Up” & Super Bowl 2023 + 9th Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Butterfly, Sep 25, 2022.

  1. I see Wild Thoughts mentioned by a lot of people on here, I didn’t think it was that loved to be honest.

    Live Your Life would go off but T.I being a trash human being makes me hope she doesn’t even consider it. Same goes for Love The Way You Lie, but definitely see that as a lot more likely.
  2. Her hooks make those songs so…
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  3. I wondered this too and since found out that Roc Nation are heavily involved. Plus it's no longer Pepsi Half Time but Apple Music
    I'd imagine those changes, along with some of those within NFL itself have made the stance change

  4. More than 2 billion views !
  5. Her back catalogue is bursting with hits and she has a 14 minute slot in which to do it justice.

    Wild Thoughts shouldn't even be in the conversation.
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  6. I could take or leave "Wild Thoughts" but, as her most recent big hit, it wouldn't be out of place in some quick features medley with "Live Your Life", "Run This Town", and "Love the Way You Lie".
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  7. I can definitely see Diamonds as the big light show finale song.
  8. Same, but also We Found Love would decimate the entire stadium as the closer.
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  9. This thread had me laughing at loud at nearly every tweet.

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  10. "Good luck with bookin that stage u speak of" is one of the most iconic popstar moments across any social media platform and that's a hill I'd die on.
  11. That "run along" absolutely finished me the first time I saw it.
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  12. Those tweets are priceless (even though they look like an angry teenage is writing them). Ah, I love my Rih Rih.
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  13. Not me just realizing she was tweeting at CIARA with "Good luck bookin that stage u speak of" I can't believe I never knew that ddd
    Popstars were truly wild in the early twitter days.

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  14. Imagine having those two options for the finale. Whew. She's gonna kill this.
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  15. Apart from a couple of exceptions, Rihanna always released the right singles from her albums.
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  16. Just watched her VMA performance medleys. Whew, not that I doubted it for a second but this halftime will annihilate.
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  17. Wild Thoughts is one of my favorite songs from her, a certified bop. Just perform her verse, chorus and possibly have Brent along and leave any others out, and we’re good to go!
  18. There's no way she wouldn't bring out Khaled though and literally nobody wants that.
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  19. This whole thing has me on a discography deep dive and whew. The talent!
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  20. Me:
    Also me:
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