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Rihanna - Super Bowl 2023 + 9th Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Butterfly, Sep 25, 2022.

  1. I’ve been listening to her discography all day. There isn’t a single moment of We Found Love that isn’t utterly electrifying.
  2. Watch n' Learn just came on in the shower and that turned into a workout...Perform it mom and let it be your Unstoppable...If we can't have new music let's have that!
  3. Isn't Rude Boy a bit too raunchy for the Super Bowl?
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  4. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    It's just a bit tuneless, and too many males!!
  5. Umbrella, We Found Love, and Work feel like anchor songs to different stages of her career and probably the three safest bets for the set list.

    A classic Rihvember release this year with another lead single that takes over the world would be a gag ahead of February, but I imagine this performance will kick off a year of active hype building for the next album.
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  6. I like it too. Also, the fact that her discography includes a Paul McCartney feature...
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  7. Exciting news, finally something music-related from Riri.

  8. Dd we’ll definitely have the SuperBowl and be back to “where is da alboom” by the end of the year
  9. Umbrella , Only Girl , We Found Love , Diamonds will 100% be there.

    I’d love if she did Pon De Replay and SOS too.

    I really think the new album is close.
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  10. I only feel We Found Love and Umbrella are dead certs.. there’s so much choice for everything else.

    SOS, Pon De Replay and Disturbia would be great.
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  11. I feel like there’s no way she isn’t including Pon de Replay, it’s her debut hit.

    Going outside of the obvious, I think Shut Up And Drive would be super unexpected and fun to have a little moment. But Don’t Stop The Music seems like a more likely choice from that album (other than Umbrella obviously).

    Also I’m surprised more people haven’t mentioned Stay as an option, it seems like the most obvious ballad choice for me that I could see them elevating with an epic orchestral arrangement.
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  12. Don't Stop The Music
    Where Have You Been / Only Girl mash-up
    Work / Rude Boy mash up
    Umbrella ft Jay Z
    Needed Me
    Kiss It Better / Love On The Brain / Stay
    We Found Love

    This. Diamonds can stay far far away.
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  13. I love Stay, but her ballads now are ''Love on the Brain'' and, maybe, ''Diamonds''.

    She has 23 big singles as a lead artist and 12 minutes. Let's see how this goes, it's exciting.
  14. As someone already wrote, Rihanna doing the Superbowl Halftime Show is really no brainer and makes more sense than some of the other choices throughout the years.

    She's THE hit machine of a generation, I don't even know how they will be able to pick songs here as there's so much to pick from but I agree that We Found Love and Umbrella should be given choices, with the former being a perfect closer.

    I personally would do it this way:

    Pon de Replay / Work mash-Up
    S.O.S. / Don't Stop the Music / Only Girl
    What's My Name / Run this Town
    We Found Love

    Really hard to pick...

    I just hope that she's ready to release new music as well, and that this won't be a one-off thing to promote her Fenty products...
  15. I know someone posted it but her VMA vanguard performances should be the blueprint. Excellence.
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  16. "Do Ya Thang"/"Sell Me Candy" megamix.
  17. Perfection 100%.

    After the third time I watched it, I realized ''Umbrella'' was not included and I was shocked hahaha. I mean... a medley so packed you don't even realize her biggest worldwide hit is missing.

    "Don't Stop the Music" / "Only Girl (In the World)"
    "We Found Love" / "Where Have You Been"
    "Needed Me" / "Pour It Up"
    "Stay" / "Diamonds" / "Love on the Brain"
    ''Pon de Replay'' (Intro) / "Rude Boy" / "What's My Name?" / "Work"

    That's her Vanguard medleys with a few changes and that is pure, pop perfection. Those medleys were masterful. The songs were so cleverly put together, like art.
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  18. Yeah the VMA medleys is when I knew she had become a great performer and could handle something like the Halftime.
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  19. She has so many hits she could take this show in any direction, but I’ve been thinking of the synths at the start of Needed Me as her opener and it’s mouth-watering. Also wouldn’t be a bad move to open with a more ‘recent’ smash.
  20. Hopefully minus the facial tics.
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