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Rihanna - Super Bowl 2023 + 9th Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Butterfly, Sep 25, 2022.

  1. -M-


    I have full confidence in her and her team to actually release a great song if (when?) she ever decides to properly launch R9.

    This one, one the other hand, is merely serviceable. When did pop girls lose the ability to produce a soundtrack song that does more than just clear out the theater?
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  2. It’s just ok, which of course is very much not ok.
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  3. For an event, this is quite the non event...
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  4. The last time this happened we got ANTI so let me continue manifesting.
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  5. Does the fact we hate this mean it will be a massive smash?! Hmmst
  6. K94


    This is the American Oxygen of the era - something something will see the harvest.
  7. It's just such a weird low-key approach. Like, when I heard "tribute to Chadwick", a ballad made sense, but this is a lullaby. If it was more celebratory, spiritual or even reminiscent it would work. But currently it's too generic to really tap into any feeling.
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  8. That song was great, however.

    but thanks to Rih, I‘ve been spinning the Xtina song a lot today.
  9. I prefer the Geri song to either, and I don't even like it that much.
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  10. She sounds great but the song goes nowhere and doesn't have much replay value to me. I wish the buildup led to something towards the end.
  11. It seriously lacks structure, momentum or build-up, it just trods along in a repetitive cycle that does not excite, engage or affect. And it ends, just when you think there will be some sort of climax. It's about 1 minute too short had there been a bridge, climax or conclusion, which... is not there, so now it feels about 3 minutes too long...
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  12. Funny how many friends were sharing the teaser on their socials and today everybody is just dead silent. I just gave it another chance and it really is a dumpster fire.
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  13. Yeah this is...rough.
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  14. Actually quite crushed. It’s not awful, it’s just not a return. What a massive let down
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  15. I’m… on the fence.
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  16. This sounds like a demo. That vocal production sounds so rough (way too autotuned).
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  17. I love that Tems Bebe Rexha'd her vocals into the song a la The Monster.
  18. The money must've been really good... ddd
  19. RJF


  20. kal


    I’m so sorry.
    But I actually like American Oxygen…
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