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Rihanna - Super Bowl 2023 + 9th Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Butterfly, Sep 25, 2022.

  1. Examples of good pop ballads for movie soundtracks:

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  2. It must be awful to have a main pop girl fave who wastes a ballad featured in a huge, Oscar-bait film with a star-studded ensemble. Never felt that feeling before!

    Celebrate or cry or pray, whatever it takes to get you through
  3. Where's the white guy from "Stay" to harmonize with ha
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  4. She sounds great but I don't have the desire to hit the replay button at all.
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  5. I think the word "mediocre" is being deployed generously here.
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  6. The fact that we’ve only advanced like 10 pages in this thread, more than 24 hours since the first new music release from an artist who people have been craving new music from for 6 years should tell you something…
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  7. kal


    This is the level of quality I expect when someone tells me Rihanna is releasing a soundtrack ballad.

    Unfortunately, just like the endless number of times people on here set expectations of a Rihanna single/album dropping “imminently”, those expectations weren’t met.
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  8. It's really not good. What a shame!
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  9. First day Spotify streams are in. Huge! The 2nd day drop will probably look nasty but she and her team should rest assured about her streaming power for when they launch R9.

  10. Has it been said whether or not this song was always meant to be part of the soundtrack but just with a different artist? Seeing as she only came on board a few weeks ago?

    Edit: Never mind, she’s credited as a writer.
  11. I expected to open this spoiler and see Shallow and was thinking "surely not". The way I completely forgot this song even existed nn
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  12. After what happened with the Unapologetic credits, I'm not sure that answers your question.
  13. These are huge numbers

  14. The girlies just don't bring it for soundtrack singles anymore. Give me DRAMA. Give me STRINGS. Give me GUITARS.
  15. A tribute song to those we lost can still be a bop yanno

    I guess I just expected something more...affirming?
  16. What happened with the Unapologetic credits?
  17. I'll probably never listen to it again ('Sledgehammer' truthers rise up!) but I was surprised at just how chill inducing it was to hear her voice again. I'm a massive Rihanna stan and obviously I've been dying for new music but the way I got goosebumps as soon as she started singing? It's great to hear that voice again, one of the most distinctive in pop, even if it is on underwhelming material.
  18. She wasn't in them, then she was.
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  19. *Clears throat*

    Now you know she’s a stan through thick and thin and lord knows I put up with IT. I will say these numbers are good but as for huge…I have mixed feelings. Considering her Spotify power I do think these are on the low end of what she could have delivered with a proper lead that gripped people. It’s frustrating to see, especially knowing this will freefall.
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  20. I mean, I know she'd have done even bigger numbers if she'd come out with something a bit catchier but for such a nothingy song that a lot of people wouldn't have played twice it's pretty big.
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