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Rihanna - Super Bowl 2023 + 9th Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Butterfly, Sep 25, 2022.

  1. As expected, she doesn't care about music any longer and hasn't for years.

    I'm all for being an entrepreneur, good for her, but it's still sad that in the end is just greed.
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  2. Yeah, I really don't mind that she has other ventures and is taking so long to release a follow-up. What is absurd are the constant back-and-forth, coy replies when she's made definitive statements through the years of when it's coming. Just...stop doing that.

    The Depp fiasco and Snooze Me Up have greatly diminished my excitement, so continue to take whatever time you need!
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  3. The Spotify tumble isn’t really reflective of the song flopping that hard - she’s got almost the entire Taylor and Drake albums ahead of her.
  4. Lift Me Up is number 69 today on Spotify in the US. I actually gasped when I looked it up.
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  5. It’s her tone what’s sending me dd.
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  6. She has to be kidding. Has to be.
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  7. When?
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  8. The only era when she seemed to actually care about music was Rated R, and at a stretch Anti and GGGB.
  9. A long time ago. But the four back to back albums, all the collabs, the back to back tours… then the break where she actually crafter a solid body of work. I don’t know I just didn’t see this for her.
  10. She seems to be implying there is music coming but its release will not be tied to the Superbowl so maybe she has anxiety about setting a firm deadline after so long. Who knows.
  11. I hate feeling the way I'm feeling towards Rihanna but... I do. And let me tell you, it's not lifted up!
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  12. This interview was supposedly taped before “Lift Me Up” was announced, so she’s more than likely talking about that.
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  13. HMD


    That tone? Utterly obnoxious.
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  14. A52F4511-CB05-48AF-9D99-8416EC836927.jpeg
  15. Well...

    She said she's not doing the Super Bowl because of new music, it's totally unrelated. And that fans expect new music so she has to get to work.

    And then she's most likely talking about ''Lift Me Up''.

    I don't know, I'm just not hearing anything surprising, honestly. I've always expected the Super Bowl to be a greatest hits medley without anything new so...

    EDIT: Oh my God, watch the Halftime Show be a mini Savage x Fenty show.
  16. I'm actually relieved that I can have some time to try put the gross D*pp stunt out of my mind before new music drops.
  17. Damn what did I miss in here? Mess.
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  18. Wow... Sis is blindly set to waste all the goodwill for what could be a monster comeback, isn't she?
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  19. Yes.
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