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Rihanna - Super Bowl 2023 + 9th Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Butterfly, Sep 25, 2022.

  1. She's doing Super Bowl with Apple. Those two could've worked an album promo deal if they wanted to.

    What's most infuriating is the teasing. Just tell us you're done with music for now or forever, tell us you hate what you recorded, tell us anything solid. Ugh...
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  2. Can we change her wiki bio from wealthiest musician to wealthiest make-up & beauty entrepreneur?! She's her own biggest troll at this point really...
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  3. From Billboard / ET:
    “I want to incorporate different aspects of entertainment and things that I just enjoy and bring it to the stage,” she said. “I want to celebrate the music that I’ve made.”

    So, yeah, she's doing a Savage x Fenty show.
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  5. Rihanna has never been a touring act, she's never been a performing act frankly. I can't fathom a stadium tour selling or being well received.

    She would be a good fit for a vegas show.
  6. Okay CiCi time to log off
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  7. She definitely had a bumpy transition to stadiums, I’m sure there were cancelled dates on the UK leg and I think that was due to poor ticket sales.

    But as it’s been pointed out it was a different climate, she can sell out stadiums off her name and discography as a “comeback” but like I said there are other artists who have better reputations for touring/performing and more recent records which would hurt her sales at the moment.

    She probably would be better off rebuilding confidence in her performance ability with some festival dates alongside the Super Bowl to allow her to capitalise in 2024 where she won’t have to compete with Beyoncé, Taylor, Harry, P!nk.

    We’re talking as if she wants to tour but I feel like it’s so unlikely after that comment yesterday ddd…
  8. Didn't she have a terrible reputation for being on time as well? I hate it when artists are late.
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  9. I think she was on time when I saw her, but she hadn't bothered to adjust the schedule when her main support act - The Weeknd - pulled out of the tour. That left over an hour of dead space before she took the stage, the effect being that by the time she did people were bored and restless.

    Factor in the numerous empty or close to empty sections of the stadium, and her bizarre insistence on doing her most crowd pleasing hits in either 90 second snatches or not at all, and the end result was the least engaged crowd I've ever seen at a concert that size.
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  10. Ddd the foam being flung down the backdrop of the stage while Kiss it Better was being sung during the tour was so odd.
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  11. Yeah Rihanna is known to be a bad live act: wicked late, poor attitude and barely singing. And that’s the reviews from friends who saw her live!
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  12. Yeah, she was becoming better as a live act around Unapologetic and Anti, but her reputation was rocky for a minute there. There were a lot of jokes about the way she'd speak one lyric into the mic and then let the track play.
  13. I have been to all her tours.

    She was at her very best, at the Loud tour. She did full songs, without any mic pointing to the crowd moments. She also had great stage presence and energy.

    I did notice a huge decline in the Diamonds tour, she was for sure overworked at that point.

    The anti tour was a huge step up from that, but not really a return to form. I just feel like she can be a very lazy performer. So many of my friends, were so disappointed with the lack of hits, her vocals, and the minimalistic stage.

    I honestly can’t see her doing a big tour again. I think the seven year hiatus, has probably done more harm then good.

    Also it’s so disappointing to hear, there’s not an album ready. I’m pretty sure back in 2019, she revealed to vogue that she completed two albums. And then in August 2021 she said, the album was coming very soon. I think she’s lost all confidence in music, and it’s such a shame. I was for sure convinced, that her album would be out at the end of the year. Or beginning of next. But now I think we’d be lucky to get anything before 2024.

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  14. I've seen her live on all her tours, multiple times - she was always great.
  15. Her show at the Diamonds tour was very disappointing. She went on a big trip in the morning of the show, arrived late to the stadium, let the crowd sing instead of her and didn't move much.
  16. I've always found her to be a fairly low-energy performer. It works with certain songs that capture that vibe, but it can be distracting when the vibe of the song doesn't match her energy level.
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  17. I thought the delay of new music was due to her being a perfectionist but her returning with Lift Me Up is evidence she is not, sorry to say…
  18. I've been simmering with my thoughts recently.

    ANTI is and will always be a smash in my heart. It feels like peak Riri. The tour which I'm glad I saw was great unlike her prior outings (at least according to YouTube vids).

    As much as I miss seeing her name in the charts and on New Music Fridays, maybe she said all she had to say in music. It's hard to put into words just how hard she worked from 2005-2012. She was fucking everywhere. Part of me feels like she's jaded from all those years with back to back releases with no room to breathe. Non-stop working on top of dealing with real life shit at the same time. I know first hand it's damaging and traumatic in a way.

    If she truly wants to ride out the rest of her career as a make-up consultant, then so be it. She cemented herself, does she really have to come back? Does she need more #1s under her belt? Only if she wants to. I'd welcome an album with open arms but if her heart isn't in it, then it is what it is.
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  19. She's great when she's in the mood to perform

  20. Anti was her peak era in terms of performing to me. It just seemed like she was on it and genuinely enjoying herself every step of the way in the majority of the performances. I thought that era was a great sign of what was to come for her and still do (if and when she does fully return.)

    I’m looking forward to the SuperBowl because I think she’ll own it. I’m also still holding out hope for Born Again to be released because I trust her and James Fauntleroy together. They’re responsible for a lot of her best work. Also because Lift Me Up is whatever to me and I’d rather not address the Savage X Fenty show for obvious reasons.
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