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Rihanna - Super Bowl 2023 + 9th Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Butterfly, Sep 25, 2022.

  1. Mr.Arroz

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    Back on the main forum hunty

  2. Screaming at this
  3. This reminds me that I saw Rihanna, Timbaland (with Keri Hilson!), and (then unknown to me) Justin Bieber play the pre-Super Bowl Pepsi Fan Jam in Miami in 2010. Good times!
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  4. Let god also be new music in the pipeline to coincide with this.
  5. You’ll get a new eyeshadow palette and you’ll be happy about it!
  6. This is incredibly unexpected since she seems to have forgotten what singing is (not to mention she said she wouldn't work with the NFL in the past) but it'll obviously be amazing. SO many bangers to choose from, choosing a set list will be insane.

    Though why is the 700 page general discussion now the Super Bowl thread...this was a perfect opportunity for a new thread ddd
  7. RMK


    She has so much to choose from. We Found Love and Umbrella feel like the only dead-locked tracks, and the rest is just a sea of options.

    Love On The Brain could get the big unifying ballad spot if she's not feeling Diamonds, and I wouldn't be mad.
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  8. New single for Superbowl
    Bussy bop album for the summer
    Arena world tour for autumn/winter

    I plant this seed and it shall harvest.
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  9. This absolutely needs to happen.

  10. This made me think of Dua bringing out Laganja for "Physical" during her hypothetical future halftime show.

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  11. Did somebody call?


  12. How much time does she have to perform ? 15 mins ?
    Maybe a medley of first hits (Pon the replay/SOS) ? Umbrella and We found love have to happen ! Don't stop the music in the medley. Work (ft Drake) ? or 45secs (KW and Macca) ? There has to be a featuring. I would love ending it with BBHMM! lol
    About the feat she can choose Eminem(LTWYL) , Jay-Z and KW (Run this town), Shakira (CRTFY).
    Who's that chick would be great in a stadium, but it didn't set the US charts on fire...
    Diamonds is a slow track, but she delivers it in such a way.. imagine the stadium in the dark and her voice singing "shine bright like a diamond, shine bright like a diamond" and a diamond appears with Rihanna inside. She can't dance for 15 mins !
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  13. When she performs it randomly and it cannibalizes the new lead single on the charts because it's that good but Karens and Joes just didn't know about it.

  14. Wild Thoughts is definitely a lock too I feel.
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  15. Arena tour? She will obviously do stadiums and they should sell good. Her biggest tour to date is going to happen because of this.

    Surprised people are doubting new music. She is not that stupid.
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  16. She’s been papped at the recording studio a lot recently. I’m not that stupid though.

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  17. We Found Love is gonna pop the fuck off.
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  18. She’s still easily sitting in 17th place for global monthly listeners on Spotify. Her streaming power is insane before the Superbowl. I’m scared!!
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  19. 12 or 13 minutes. But if she gets 15 she can perform the medley from the BBMA with Umbrella (and without BBHMM) and I'll be happy.

    Pon De Replay on an instrumental intro / interlude... Fresh Out the Runway... I'm losing my mind.
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