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Rihanna - Super Bowl 2023 + 9th Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Butterfly, Sep 25, 2022.

  1. Dddd I heard it yesterday (with video) in MEN’s bar as the only song (that I remember) from being later than 2000’s.
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  2. No collabs unless it’s women ie Nicole Scherzinger.
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  3. I really hope she doesn't just focus on songs like Work and FourFiveSeconds whilst paying her earlier songs dust but I feel like that's what we're gonna get nn
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  4. I mean, 'Work' should rightfully be in high consideration for making the cut, given that it's one of her biggest hits, one of the highest-selling songs of all time, and perhaps most importantly, one of her signature songs.
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  5. I want Avril to show up just for a ''Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah'' / ''Cheers'' interlude and then leave.

    But, I don't see anyone from her catalogue being included unless it's Drake... and he unfollowed her when her pregnancy was announced hahaha.
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  6. If she’s having guests, I think I’d prefer her to go down the Katy Perry route with artists she hasn’t officially released songs with before.. although Britney for S&M remix (or any song) would be a moment.
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  7. Did he really? How petty.
  8. I want pyro. I want lasers. I want synchronised gyrating, pussy-patting dance breakdowns while she is flanked by an army of models as she debuts her new line of Fenty blunts by lighting up on stage (available soon in a Sephora near you). I want the fifteen minutes crammed so full there’s not a second to spare. I want the hits, I want the flops (justice for Kiss It Better!), I want the deepest deep cuts (justice for winning women!!). I want a stage free of heterosexual male energy (stay home Jay-Z, we don’t need you babe). This one is for the girls, gays and theys. I will accept nothing less. I am manifesting it.


    I will accept literal crumbs.
  9. I think Love On The Brain is a definite!

    Pon De Replay will be a transitional song that takes us from one setup to another and be purely just the intro/backing track
  10. I do not think Drake would turn down a guest appearance with Rihanna for the Super Bowl.
  11. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    No one would survive.
  12. If this is meant to be her big "I'm back" moment then I would definitely prefer no guests.
  13. Something, something about the chase

  14. The only definite, will probably be performed songs for me are
    Rude Boy
    We Found Love

    Songs I’d like to see: Only Girl, Kiss it Better, Shut up and drive, Watch n’ Learn (kii)
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  15. A medley of Work, Pon De Replay and Rude Boy would be so good.
  16. I've heard through the grapevine over the years that the NFL always wants to emphasize songs most viewers will know (they're not big on debuting new music as part of the show, supposedly). It's a party atmosphere. She won't only do all Unapologetic and ANTI stuff.

    She could do a 45 minute set and still leave out big hits though, her discography is insane.

  17. Yas let's go girlies

  18. That would theoretically confirm that the lead is coming shortly because we definitely need the viewers to know it! I love logic.

  19. I don't want men or Britney touching that stage please and thank you.

    Also I forgot about Diamons. God I hate Diamons.
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  20. Single 1 mid October, single 2 mid November and album in early December just before the Grammy's BPG cut-off date

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