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Rihanna - Talk That Talk

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Bobbyrae, Sep 15, 2011.

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  1. Re: Rihanna - Talk That Talk (6th Album)

    Of course she can't sing this live without help, it's right at the top of her range in her head voice, where her voice is weak and quiet. She was obviously singing, just with a backing track so you can't hear her.

    Raining Men off LOUD was sent to Urban, maybe this means that Talk That Talk won't be a single.
  2. Re: Rihanna - Talk That Talk (6th Album)

    She didn't even bother attempting to hide the backing track. This, pop fans, makes her even cooler. All she needed was a record in the background playing the music or (in the spirt of Pet Shop Boys) actual tapes.
  3. 3Xs


    Re: Rihanna - Talk That Talk (6th Album)

    They wanted Raining Men to be a single though, it just completely bombed on urban. Twice, actually. The first time they sent it in early December, and then they sent it again as a 're-release' in mid January - it still did nothing. Probably because there was more than enough Rihanna and Nicki on the radio at the time.

    No surprise Talk That Talk is getting sent though. It's already the most popular song off the album on iTunes, and she's had no presence on the urban format since Man Down, so the timing is perfect. Have no idea what they're going to chose as the international single though.
  4. Re: Rihanna - Talk That Talk (6th Album)

    Surely you jest!
  5. Re: Rihanna - Talk That Talk (6th Album)

    She was spectacular on X-Factor (both times). So fun and so cute...and although I kept skipping the song when I got the album, it's back in heavy rotation again. It's undeniably one of the songs of the year. The song and the video once again took Rihanna to a totally new level, and I feel like the video kind of did what Bad Romance did - everyone has seen it, everyone loves it.
  6. Re: Rihanna - Talk That Talk (6th Album)

    Video-wise I'm in agreement with the Bad Romance analogy.
  7. Re: Rihanna - Talk That Talk (6th Album)

    Bad Romance has like 10 times more views than We Found Love.

    Did anyone else notice those lifts she was wearing?
  8. Re: Rihanna - Talk That Talk (6th Album)

    So disappointed with this album its not even fair.

    It just seems so thrown together and disparate, each song sounds like its come from a different era. I would've much preferred if she'd gone in the dance direction of Where Have You Been or We Found Love, they're standouts on an otherwise mediocre album. Sonically, there's nothing interesting or anything that doesn't feel like its ground that hasn't been explored, Drunk on Love and Roc Me Out song like Loud rejects whilst Do Ya Thang and You Da One are almost too bland to comprehend. Whats My Name still runs rings around both of them.

    I need a full version of Birthday Cake though. Birthday Cake, Cockiness and Red Lipstick are interesting but feel too tacked on on the album. But still, these with We Found Love and Where Have You Been are just about the only good things on the album.

    Sure I'll give it a few more spins and see if anything grows on me, but I don't see it becoming a regular favourite like LOUD was.
  9. Re: Rihanna - Talk That Talk (6th Album)

    Mixed reviews, much? Like a lot of people have said i would have liked her too have gone fully in the direction of We Found Love and Where Have You Been rather this mash up of everything she's done over before.
    I still think she should have re-released LOUD, instead.

    And also what was she smoking when she thought You Da One should be the 2nd single?!
  10. Re: Rihanna - Talk That Talk (6th Album)

    What were you smoking when you thought she decided on that alone? I agree it should have been an instant smash for the second single and not a 'grower' track. But if it works for the U.S...
  11. Re: Rihanna - Talk That Talk (6th Album)

    People like to criticize Loud for following Only Girl with California Shit Bed, but I have to say sequencing the mess that is We All Want Love right after Birthday Cake is a bigger mistake.

    And I know that everyone and their great-grandmothers have bitched about this, but why the fuck would they just shave Birthday Cake down like that?
  12. LJB


    Re: Rihanna - Talk That Talk (6th Album)

    In shocking news, I'm beginning to enjoy this album. Even though it has as much filler as LOUD, it's definitely feels more 'together', as does her image.
  13. Re: Rihanna - Talk That Talk (6th Album)

  14. Re: Rihanna - Talk That Talk (6th Album)

    The deluxe packaging is so disappointing.
  15. Re: Rihanna - Talk That Talk (6th Album)

    Still cannot believe she has a new album out already!?
  16. Re: Rihanna - Talk That Talk (6th Album)

    You Da One is a grower track? I've listened to it many times now and it's not getting any better.
  17. Re: Rihanna - Talk That Talk (6th Album)

    She's owning it on iTunes. I really need to see her kill One Direction, for a second week running.
  18. Re: Rihanna - Talk That Talk (6th Album)

    It really doesn't make any sense though, because as an interlude it's meant to lead into the next track, it might make more sense if it went Birthday Cake then Cockiness, but still why not just put the full track on?
    And it is literally a clip of a song, not an interlude, it doesn't even fade out properly.
  19. Re: Rihanna - Talk That Talk (6th Album)

    They are going to be shady as hell and re-release this with the full 'Birthday Cake' as the lead single.


    Just picked up the deluxe edition, and I think it's quite gorgeous. No lyrics (per usual), and I really hate that the disc is just stuck in a pocket, but I love the imagery. Her best by far.

    Musically, it's my favorite Rihanna album, and I'm only halfway through. It's just so tight. I love it.
  20. Re: Rihanna - Talk That Talk (6th Album)

    There's absolutely no middle ground on this album. It's either truly excellent (We Found Love, Drunk On Love, Roc Me Out, Talk That Talk) or are-you-fucking-kidding terrible (Cockiness, We All Want Love, You Da One, the utterly pointless Birthday Cake).

    The better tracks are all the more frustrating because they provide a glimpse of how brilliant she could truly be if her entire career weren't a sausage factory. I'm not just talking about the material - her vocals are as shrill as anything on her first two albums in places, which is a huge shame and shows the album up for the rush job it is. I don't think it's any mere coincidence that Rihanna's best vocal performance was on Rated R, the one album of her career that wasn't recorded in her tea-break.

    Call me old-fashioned, but I'd rather have a brilliant album every two or three years than a semi-good one every Christmas. She's capable of so much better.
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