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Rihanna - Unapologetic (Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by jinzo, Jun 23, 2012.

  1. We know that we're getting her seventh album sooner or later now (edit: November!), and rumours and conjecture are flying around everywhere about who's working on it and what it will sound like.

    Here's Ri Ri entering a studio in London:


    So, let's get speculating.

    Here's a list of potential collaborators/producers/writers thus far:

    - RedOne
    - Calvin Harris
    - David Guetta
    - The Runners
    - DJ Nasty
    - Nicky Romero
    - Bonnie McKee
    - Burns
    - Sean Garrett
    - Fazer
    - Sia
    - Swedish House Mafia
    - Pharrell

    (more when we dig it up..)

    Is she going full-on dance? Will she have different hair? Will she change her hair more or less often than in her current campaign? Will there be more unfortunate remixes? How many more #1s will she add to that US tally? Will she finally bag that elusive US #1 album? So many questions!
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  2. Re: Rihanna- Seventh album (General Discussion)

    I've had Rihanna overload. Leave it 2-3 years, gal, please.
  3. Re: Rihanna- Seventh album (General Discussion)

    I hate that they call it a 'product'. I know that technically is what any album is but it just sounds so production line. Some thought needs to be put into this after Talk That Talk. A little less 'heres the product I'm backing', more 'heres the album I've created'.
  4. Re: Rihanna- Seventh album (General Discussion)

    A Swedish House Mafia collaboration / produced track would be amazing, they're amazing
  5. Re: Rihanna- Seventh album (General Discussion)

    Rihanna, go away.

    Her releases are tedious. Sure, she's keeping herself relevant but is she actually making a legacy?
  6. JadeFan

    JadeFan Guest

    Re: Rihanna- Seventh album (General Discussion)

    She's revolutionising the phonograph-

  7. Re: Rihanna- Seventh album (General Discussion)

    I genuinely hope this under-performs so it makes them think twice about chucking out albums so often.

    Go away and sort your life out.
  8. Re: Rihanna- Seventh album (General Discussion)

    Totally! They really need to work on more pop tracks.

    People, if you haven't heard Euphoria yet, do it. Best production on a pop track this year so far:


    This production and Rihanna's brilliance at anything dancey is just going to bring perfection.
  9. Re: Rihanna- Seventh album (General Discussion)

    Quite soon to be doing another album. D:
  10. Re: Rihanna- Seventh album (General Discussion)

    I thought by Euphoria they meant Loreen's. Was about to say, I had no idea they produced that...

    Heck, if we're gonna get another Rihanna album (I've already voiced my opinions on why I don't want one) then I think she should go all out on the dance route. More 'We Found Love's; less 'Talk That Talk's.
  11. Re: Rihanna- Seventh album (General Discussion)

    One can only hope that if she still refuses to just go away, maybe she will at least realise she should just ditch the urban stuff no one cares for and stick with the dance anthems.
  12. Re: Rihanna- Seventh album (General Discussion)

    i don't know what it is, but she doesn't look good on this picture. her face - something is wrong with it. is it a bad angle?

    i'd love her to work with swedish house mafia, please no redone and david guetta and more the dream and bangladesh. i really liked cockiness and birthday cake (the edited version without chris brown of course!)
  13. Re: Rihanna- Seventh album (General Discussion)

    I would be interested in a dance album from her, so long as it isn't the same brand of dance music that everyone has recently been doing. RedOne struck gold with Bad Romance, but a lot of his production is just really tiresome. Guetta is also past his most innovative work, and Bonnie Mckee tracks tend to be lacking in that 'x factor'.

    Despite being over-played beyond belief, being incredibly repetitive, and not really bringing anything new to the table... We Found Love is somehow still really refreshing to these ears.
  14. Resi12

    Resi12 Guest

    Re: Rihanna- Seventh album (General Discussion)

    Waaaaaaaaaaaah, leave us alone Rihanna. I can't take it any more!
  15. Re: Rihanna- Seventh album (General Discussion)

    She's working with Sean Garrett too, whose hits apparently include London Bridge, Massive Attack, Diva and Video Phone.

    So I suppose we shouldn't totally discard her Urban elements yet! Perhaps the urban/dance pendulum on this record will swing more to the latter.
  16. Re: Rihanna- Seventh album (General Discussion)

    I love RiRi but she needs to slow down. At the beginning of the TTT-era I was all for her putting out albums every year but this campaign has left me so exhausted with the faux-thug life posturing and endless 'controversy' that I just want her to piss off and have a proper come back in 2013.
  17. Re: Rihanna- Seventh album (General Discussion)

    She needs to spend more time on her music for god's sake.

    For all intensive purposes, she goes into those studios, drops off her vocals, leaves, and she's done as far as her effort's concerned. She needs to put time into it, think out, make it feel inspired, have a vision. She's done it before and she brings it on other people's tracks; it's maddening to see her chuck out uninspired shit every year under her name.
  18. BML


    Re: Rihanna- Seventh album (General Discussion)

    Here's hoping Sean Garrett can come up with something as good as Toy Soldier!

    But really, I can't believe she is already on her seventh album! It's insane. I do like though how I can reference the last four years by which Rihanna album was out at the time. Each one takes me back to very specific moments (because I never listen to them for very long, but I digress).
  19. Re: Rihanna- Seventh album (General Discussion)

    She's def going more club now? Much better.
  20. Re: Rihanna- Seventh album (General Discussion)

    I think it's just a really weird angle. Her head looks huge and that guy in the background looks about four feet tall.
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