Rihanna - Unapologetic

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Loving Phresh Out The Runway in full however I wish Guetta had changed the beat up a bit more rather than leaving it till the last 10 seconds to mess with it.
So not to Pound the Alarm or anything, but it's 'out there'.

There's a certain place down a certain street of the internet where it is, but imagine it's rush hour on a train and you can't get in on the train because there's too many people already on at that time. The train conductor is asking me to pay to upgrade to first class to complete my 'journey', but in the words of Sweet Brown ain't nobody got time for dat.

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I've been waiting four hours already... I can handle another 30 minutes. Do we know for sure if it's real, though?
Hopefully we've all boarded the right train, but I've been to Iceland once tonight, and I'd rather go to Barbados.

[How cool would a train from Iceland to Barbados be? Not very, right?]
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