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Rihanna - Unapologetic

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by jinzo, Jun 23, 2012.

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  1. Rihanna just got more hood in one track that Nicki Minaj managed in an entire 22 track album. Excellent.
  2. Loving Phresh Out The Runway in full however I wish Guetta had changed the beat up a bit more rather than leaving it till the last 10 seconds to mess with it.
  3. Hahahaha.. That be me with my baguettes..
  4. Phresh Out The Runway is fucking trash, and not even in an amazing exciting way. Her delivery is so boring.
  5. Since this will most likely leak soon, and we seem to agree on this, I'm going to go to bed, and I want your recommendations on what tracks are worth listening to. Thanks.
  6. This is kicking Talk That Talk all the way back to irrelevancy.
  7. Well of course, it's like a sped up Red Lipstick, what did you expect?
  8. Phresh Out The Runway is aweeeeeesome!
  9. After a couple of listens, my initial impressions of 'Phresh' are that it's a hot ass mess.

    But in a good way.
  10. BTG


    Rhenna pls.

    Until 'Drunk on Love' is topped, Talk That Talk remains marvellous.

    Apart from 'You Da Shitty One'.
  11. So not to Pound the Alarm or anything, but it's 'out there'.

    There's a certain place down a certain street of the internet where it is, but imagine it's rush hour on a train and you can't get in on the train because there's too many people already on at that time. The train conductor is asking me to pay to upgrade to first class to complete my 'journey', but in the words of Sweet Brown ain't nobody got time for dat.
  12. Nice analogy!
  13. Grabbing it right now, the site is SWAMPED its going to take about a half hour for this. :0
  14. Yeah, mine is going to take that long too. The anticipation!
  15. I've been waiting four hours already... I can handle another 30 minutes. Do we know for sure if it's real, though?
  16. This is downloading at a pathetic rate. Stupid Australian internet.
  17. Oop, I've just got on the train. The view is nice. 17 minutes approx until destination is reached.
  18. Only 40% from listening
  19. Hopefully we've all boarded the right train, but I've been to Iceland once tonight, and I'd rather go to Barbados.

    [How cool would a train from Iceland to Barbados be? Not very, right?]
  20. 16 minutes. What a slow train we're all on. Can someone tell the driver to go faster?
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