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Rihanna - Unapologetic

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by jinzo, Jun 23, 2012.

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  1. I had Frank Ocean in my head but I don't think he would ever do it.
  2. Nobody's Business is unforgivably shit. A steaming pile of pop poo.
  3. Nobody's Business is actually hard for me to sit through, and not even because of Chris Brown.
  4. It's amazing. Do What U Want before that song existed (and did it even better).
  5. Compared to Do What U Want, which is an actual song with a beginning, middle, and end, Nobody's Business doesn't even have a leg to stand on. It's the same verse repeated twice from two people who - sorry, Rihanna - don't belong together.
  6. Ya lav is perfection.
  7. So...this is officially a Grammy-awarded album.
    I can't believe she didn't go to the ceremony! I wonder if that'll have consequences in the future.
  8. Also pissed that she just skipped out (especially considering she isn't even doing anything). Delighted with the win though.
  9. BOY


    She had a face like a slapped arse throughout the VMA's, so I'm not that surprised she didn't attend.
  10. Surprise! Jump has been climbing on Australian iTunes for a while and now it's entered the top10. It's currently at #10 and #67.

    So much success. No effort.
  11. An inspiration to us all.
  12. That's kind of hilarious. If it had gotten an actual campaign I genuinely think this album could've had a stronger singles run than Teenage Dream. And to be fair to it, it does genuinely sound like an album a lot of people put a huge amount of thought and work and passion into; the 'hits' on the album are at least hit-chasers of the very very highest order. Quite annoyed they didn't (for whatever reason) take proper advantage of how big Rihanna is and how many smashes this album had on it because it's unlikely she'll ever be in that position again.
  13. It is very annoying, and I have said it so many times. There are ample opportunities here for hit singles, Jump is definitely one of them. I would love for it to become huge worldwide. The Australian success may make the label considering pushing it as an international single. Has it been officially released to radio in Australia or is just the Australian effect?

    I was thinking for her next album she should work with some of the UK producers that are riding high in the UK charts for the past few months. Take advantage of the UK dance trend and take it worldwide, it could really work. Imagine something like "Rather Be" with Rihanna singing? (Accept a little bit harder sounding if that makes sense). I am thinking along the lines of Disclosure, Sub Focus etc. with some Diplo also. I want island sounding dance basically.
  14. The middle-8 of What Now remains glorious.
  15. 'What Now' is now being used to advertise 'Drama on ITV'; get that 'Explosions'-style smash.
  16. That explains the rise on iTunes! I was wondering.
  17. Unapologetic? Seriously?

    If the songs on here were smashes then they would have smashed. They didn't. Right Now didn't do anything. What Now didn't do anything. They're ok songs at best. Jump is the only song left that could have been a single. This was not a single friendly album. It certainly would not have had 6 #1's.
  18. Diamonds
    What Now
    Nobodies Business

    5 potential number ones right there.
  19. If What Now had the potential to be #1 then it probably would have at least cracked the top 20. It didn't. I'll give you Stay- if they had released a solo version it probably could have pushed it to #1. But the rest is wishful thinking.

    And Nobodies Bidnah wouldn't have done shit with the person featured on it.
  20. RJF


    Let's be real. Even as someone who thinks the majority of this album is mostly a waste of time and at its worst a desperate cry for help, the only thing that stalled all singles after "Stay" was the loss of momentum.
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