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Rihanna Videos Rate

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by vikeyeol, Jun 8, 2013.

  1. Hello and welcome to the Popjustice Rihanna Videos Rate!


    Rihanna is an amazing singer [citation needed] with an exceptional videography who has recently delved into the film industry! In the acting world she's best known for her iconic performance in the sci-fi classic Alien and it's many sequels, constantly outshining her co-star Sigourney Weavesnatched.

    Will Anthony Mandler or Melina Matsoukas win?
    How many pussy pats does it take to reach the center of a tootsie pop?
    How many albums will she release before this is over?*

    Have your say and get all your questions answered!

    You know the deal; Rate each video I've linked below from 0 (the worst thing you've ever had the displeasure of seeing) to 10 (a cinematic masterpiece, like that of The Godfather or ... Battleship!)

    Pon de Replay
    If It's Lovin' that You Want
    SOS (Nike Version)
    We Ride
    Shut Up and Drive
    Hate That I Love You
    Don't Stop the Music
    Take a Bow
    Wait Your Turn
    Russian Roulette
    Rude Boy
    Rockstar 101
    Te Amo
    Only Girl (In the World)
    What's My Name?
    California King Bed
    Man Down
    Cheers (Drink to That)
    We Found Love
    You da One
    Where Have You Been

    I opted not to include her features/cameos (I know the legendary Roll It would have obliterated the competition far too easily) but if there's any objections or upsets over that, please do tell me!
    The deadline is June 18th;
    I look forward to all of your scores, and of course your commentary if you wish to provide it!

    *The answer would be 2 1/2 if this had been the Beyoncé videos rate. (Sorry Ensnare! <3)
    Last edited: Jun 18, 2013
  2. LOVE the graphic.

    Definitely doing this, the vast majority of her videos have been above average.
  3. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    Lovely writeup!

    Will be doing this one for sure now that my Wifi is stable.
  4. Are we obligated to provide commentary?
  5. You have said this about every rate going Arroz, yet your contributions bear striking similarities to Rihanna's fifth octave- nonexistent. I expect to see you spilling all the tea this time.

    I plan on having some fun with this one.
  6. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

  7. Thank you!

    Nope, not necessary at all! Just something extra to be added to the reveals if enough people do it.
  8. Rated about half of them so far. A lot aren't stacking up to how I thought they were! Only Girl's editing is more than a little iffy, for example.
  9. BML


    Ooh, this should be fun. I'll be taking part!
  10. ha!
  11. Now this is a rate I can get behind.
  12. Here for this. Even though she's an appallingly charisma-free live performer, the camera loves her.
  13. K94


    I've been waiting for this - she has the best videography of the pop girls.
  14. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    Are we pretending Who's That Chick didn't happen?
    (I know it's technically a collaboration but really...it's a Rihanna song)
  15. I was considering it but chose not to include it since I thought it best to be strictly her own videos. Only two people have submitted so far though, so if y'all really want I could just add it to the list and send them a PM to give it a rating as well.
  16. Who's That Chick is a Guetta song so don't include it.
  17. Plus, which version would you rate? The 'Day' one? The 'Night' one? The one that combines the two, plus David Guetta's massive hooter?


    So that's how it's going to be, vikeyeol? This thread actually reminded me that I needed to return a friendly PM to you. Now, it shall be a strongly worded, Beyoncé-style handwritten letter, straight to your address.

    I'm coming for its year anniversary! It shall be a glorious occasion, and we shall speak no more about it. It's on lock-and-key more than information about her upcoming album!
  18. I just watched SOS (Nike Version) for the first time. Awful, awful, AWFUL. We have a loser.
  19. K94


    If the Rated R videos don't get the highest average, I'm leaving the forum (don't even think about it!).
  20. Loud might give it a run for its money!
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