Not really a fan of the song, it's instantly forgettable.
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I completely agree that ''Umbrella'' is an impressive tune, but am I the only one that feels that Rihanna lacks any star presence, persona or charisma? It almost feels as if she can''t be assed! I was pleasently suprised by ''SOS'' and was interested for a nano second with ''Unfaithful'' (A rareity for me) but feel that she should be more greatful for such great pop! Have a bit more Chicapow woman! This is 2007 and I think the time is drawing near for generic young girls fronting production led songs. I don''t want to see her go when the Cover Girl cull happens.
Nope. I agree.

I don''t understand her. She just seems completely void of anything. She sings some nice songs. That''s it.
i like her songs, but she really is as dull as collecting stamps. Besides, all of her songs are just knock offs from other artists, it''s like she purposely goes scavenging in other people''s bins
Performance-wise she is boring as can be, but I did like her after watching her interviewed on Richard and Judy a while back, she seemed quite sweet.


She''s a pop queen in the making - just watch, after her 7th album in 4 yours she''ll be absolutely perfect. I also think Unfaithful will be a classic.
Someone on Popbitch mentioned that a journalist friend of theirs said she was the dumbest person he has ever interviewed! She looks good and makes good pop music, but she does seem to lack charisma. She is the new Rachel Stevens! :)


Since when clever people made good popstars?
And I don''t think Jay Z, Universal, Nike etc would invest in a stupid person.
She is beautiful, and has a distinctive voice. Leona has a great voice but so what?

Aretha Franklin has a voice to die for, but 50% of her material is shit.
Isn''t there already this discussion in the other thread about her?

She''s fine and has good songs but bad albums. Who cares about if she''s stupid or doesn''t have stage presense. I personally never intended to attend a Rihanna concert so as long as she sounds good on cd I''m fine.


Same. All I want from Rihanna is great singles, not really bothered about any other aspect of her.
I''m not a huge fan of hers i.e I have bought none of her albums or even downloaded them however, I do think she has star quality in that she is quietly confident. She doesn''t seem to have a need to really put herself out there in the tabloids or for interviews. Her singles speak for themselves as they are usually excellent.


Recently, I''ve been thinking she has massive potential, as in, potential to get on the level Britney was around "Slave 4 U".................
Here next single is rumored to be released in June/July and its called "Shut Up and Drive" its suppose to be better than Umbrella.

Quote from someone from ukmix.org
Even though she was only two when the Eighties ended, Barbadian pop princess Rihanna is steadfastly devoted to the decade: She hit Number One last year with the “Tainted Loveâ€￾-cribbing “SOS,â€￾ and her new disc’s standout track, “Shut Up and Drive,â€￾ features the bass line from New Order’s “Blue Monday.â€￾ “It’s edgier,â€￾ Rihanna says about her new album during a break from recording a track with Timbaland and Justin Timberlake. “Umbrella,â€￾ with Jay-Z, is a midtempo ballad, and “Breakin’ Dishesâ€￾ expresses the dinnerware-smashing fury of a woman scorned. “I know ladies can relate to that song,â€￾ she says.