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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Breakfast2, Feb 28, 2007.

  1. Ddddddd

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  2. Are they friends again now?
  3. I think they just happened to be at the same event. She was with A$AP Rocky.
  4. I wish she would just drop the album. I’m not even fussed about music videos or promo at this point.

    Can you imagine her ever clearing her diary again to fit in touring? Madness.
  5. TM


    Any chance she's waiting for the Work anniversary next week?

    Clutching at straws....
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  6. She probably can’t even remember what month it released
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  7. Nor the decade.
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  8. Is she really that busy with her business ventures she will not be able to be a full time popstar again? Legitimate question.
  9. It’s a fear I have, but not that she’s too busy but that she would now prefer to focus on other ventures instead.
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  10. I seriously don't know how she's going to fit touring into her schedule if she wants to be taken seriously as a designer. Being the head of a major fashion label (especially one owned by LVMH) isn't a job she can dip in and out of - even if she's not involved in every part of the design process it just wouldn't be a good look for her or Fenty, especially as it's a new label with tons of backing behind it
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  11. TM


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  13. She's really out here inventing brand new ways to get out of dropping the album. It's an absolute scream at this point. I can't wait for her special edition of Rihders Digest.
  14. She will be if she keeps refusing to release music.
  15. This picture, ugh.


    I'm not even going to mention that other career she used to have for which visuals like these would be amazing.
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  16. I'm mad that they went with "Rihannazine" instead of "ri-D."
  17. This is giving me a high fashion Jeepers Creepers vibe.
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  18. Really hope we get this aesthetic for R9.
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