I don't see how she can do a large tour while keeping up all her Fenty obligations. It'd be difficult and expensive to run her businesses on the road and seeing her onstage every night could give the impression that she's not involved
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Tours and promo are truly awful for any artist as a person so when one (Rihanna) can avoid it they’ll do that. She can do a short and sweet tour though a la Beyoncé’s last ones.
I am PRAYING for a tour from Rih! I wasn't sold on Anti before the tour and seeing her do them live elevated it all for me. Now its one of my fave albums of hers, so a tour is required for me
Logistically, does it make sense for her to release an album any time soon?

A financial aspect for any act these days is a tour. I know acts are still releasing tickets, but, Rihanna is Rihanna. I can’t imagine she wants to announce dates for a tour next year to then have to push it back.

Aaaaand I would also imagine she wants to be able to promote on her own terms - without any of the limitations there currently are. I guess she could look to Miley for creative ways to promote, as we know Ri is very selective about how and when she will perform her new content, if Anti is anything to go by.

I don’t know, I just know that I want her return to be a moment, whether that’s with a clever, Covid-creative, blockbuster release now or something more regular next year or in 2023
I think she’s got enough money that she could just... release music for love of the craft? She’s big enough that an album release should pay for itself in streaming revenue.
Yeah I could see her doing small tours/one time specials so she can focus on her business. Who knows when touring will be back anyway.
The LOUD era was such a smash. I also remember all the straight guys in my year wearing this t shirt and chinos combo lmao...meanwhile I was bopping to What’s My Name is the closet.

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This was a moment in time. You'd walk into any local town centre and see at least 20 girls who looked like this